BNI Improves Work Environment Sanitation

Jakarta, 18 March 2020 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) is in mourning, because one of its employees whose daily serves at BNI Kramat, Jakarta, died of illness. The cause of death is still being examined by the authorized health officer, and the cause is unknown, including the possibility of contracting it by COVID-19.

"We cannot make assumptions about the cause of death. The valid information about the cause of death is with the competent authority," said the Services and Network Director of BNI, Sulistyowati, in Jakarta, Wednesday (18 March 2020).

BNI is also monitoring the progress of its employees who are being treated in hospitals. The sick employees are in different status, namely 1 Suspect COVID -19 and 1 Positive COVID-19.

“As an anticipation measure, we have taken building sanitation improvement at the location where the two employees work daily. And during the sanitation process takes place, we close the relevant BNI office temporarily, and we transfer the operational service to community to the nearby branch offices,” she said.

The work environment sanitation improvement program is a measure in handling COVID-19 which has been started in several BNI offices in the past week. One way is to spray disinfectant liquid which can reduce the spread of COVID-19.

BNI also continues to carry out the process of suppressing the spread of the Corona virus in various ways at branch offices. That was done, among others, by measuring body temperature every time they entered the BNI branch office and spreading Hand Sanitizer in many locations around the banking hall.

"Including by supporting government’s program through Social Distancing, namely by carrying out work system adjustment including through Work From Home. We implement this measure not only to protect employees, but also to protect customers, and remain provide services optimally to customers,’ said Adi Sulistyowati.



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