Physical Distancing, Taspen Pension Can Be Withdrawn at BNI ATM

Jakarta, 1 April 2020 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk has been cooperating with PT Taspen (Persero) in pension payment. There is good news for Taspen pensioners, they are not necessarily come to bank for pension withdrawal in April 2020.

Pensioners who have an ATM card can easily make cash withdrawals at the nearest BNI ATM and Agen46 without having to authenticate or come to BNI branch office. For pensioners who do not have a BNI ATM card, please come to the nearest BNI branch office to follow the cash withdrawal procedure without an ATM card.

This humane policy was adopted by Taspen and BNI in response to the need for vigilance against the spread of Corona Deseas Virus (COVID-19) and in order to follow government's direction to conduct physical distancing.

"This facility is intended to increase protection for retirees who are, on average, the most vulnerable group of people affected by COVID-19. In this way, pension withdrawal transactions become much safer and more convenient," said the Services and Network Director of BNI, Adi Sulistyowati at Jakarta, Wednesday (1 April 2020).

The number of Taspen pensioners who will receive their pension benefits in April 2020 and be served by BNI reaches around 34,701 customers. Payment of pension funds can be done in all BNI branches. The branches are under the 57 equivalent branches of Taspen called the Coordinating Branch Office (Kancako). In the midst of the spread of COVID-19, pensioners are advised to transact electronically using mobile banking facilities so that government directives to "just stay home" can be followed comfortably.

If banking services at the branch are still needed, the services to pensioners are certain to be safe because the corona virus security protocol has been implemented. The protocol includes among others preventive action protocol, namely in the form of body temperature checking to all persons entering branch office. In addition, BNI also prepares hand sanitizers at the locations easily reached by pensioners.

The same facilities are also provided by BNI Pension Fund and Financial Institution (DPLK). To reduce the potential for contracting COVID -19, DPLK participants can make a deposit activity to their DPLK account (BNI Simponi) through BNI e channel (i-bank, M-bank, ATM, SMS Banking, Phone Banking, BNI Direct).

Meanwhile, participants who will withdraw their funds can send soft copies of the documents via e-mail and send hard copies to DPLK BNI. After the process is complete, fund withdrawal can be done through any bank's ATM.


For more information, please contact:

Corporate Secretary BNI

Phone: 021-5728387



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