Pre-Employment Card Prospective Recipients Can Open BNI Account from Home

Pre-Employment Card Prospective Recipients Can Open BNI Account from Home

Jakarta, 15 April 2020 - Government has opened registration for Pre-Employment Card program applicants since 11 April 2020.

This government program is not only designated as training fee support for workforce, but also designated for communities impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The government support is expected can help ease the burden on people's lives. Another question then arises. How will the funds be disbursed later? Will it be complicated or not?

To answer the question, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI has prepared a system that is integrated to the Project Management Office (PMO) of the Pre-Employment Work Card Program. The Director of Services and Network of BNI, Adi Sulistyowati explained, the system prepared will allow Pre-Employment Card prospective recipients to open BNI account from home.

"BNI already has a system called e-form (electronic form) so that an account can be opened from anywhere, including from home. Simply fill out the e-form, then you will get a notification stating the account has been opened." said Adi Sulistyowati who is familiarly called Susi in Jakarta, Wednesday (15 April 2020).

Susi added, BNI account which is made by a Pre-Employment Card recipient also does not require initial balance and is not charged with administration fee for one year. BNI also prepared attractive gimmicks in the account opening.

"This BNI account can also still be used as a saving and transaction tool after the Pre-Employment Card program is later completed," she said.

Further, Susi said, incentive payment to Pre-Employment Card recipient will be made after the recipient completed a tranining process or course. In addition, BNI also collaborates with a number of work training centers that are registered in the marketplace of Pre-Employment Card PMO’s partners. This makes training process becomes easier and smoother.

Susi also guaranteed that all transactions in the Pre-Employment Card program are carried out accountably and transparently. "All can be checked and audited by government. We guarantee that all the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget funds used is accountable," she said.

In addition, to provide convenience to the community, especially pre-employment card prospective participants, BNI in collaboration with PMO has opened a call center for 5 working days for Pre-Employment Card prospective recipients. However, Koen did not rule out the possibility of the call center being opened for 7 days if many questions were received.

Previously, BNI was appointed as the Official Digital Banking Partner to Pre-Employment Card incentive distribution, which includes training incentives, survey incentives and provision of cash management system that is integrated with Pre-Employment Card PMO so that the incentive fund is distributed accurately, effectively, and efficiently. BNI has the role as the Bank that opens accounts for Pre-Employment Card participants.

Pre-Employment Card Program is a work competency development program that is designated for job seekers, workers or labors who are impacted by employment termination, and workers or labors who need competency improvement.

Pre-Employment Card has been officially released by government on 11 April 2020, with a policy of freeing up the use of incentives of Rp. 600,000 per month for four months, not only for training needs. "The incentive is free to be used. So, Pre-Employment Card participants can use the incentive for business capital," said the Director of Pre-Employment Card Partnership, Panji W. Ruky, in the Katadata webinar with the theme: "Pre-Employment Card for Who?" earlier this weekend.

The Director General of Training and Productivity Development of Ministry of Manpower, Bambang Satrio Lelono conveyed, Pre-Employment Card is expected to be useful for laid-off workers during the corona pandemic or COVID-19.

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