New Normal Phase, Here Is a New Way to Withdraw Cash Without Cards at BNI ATMs

New Normal Phase, Here Is a New Way to Withdraw Cash Without Cards at BNI ATMs

Jakarta, 27 May 2020 --- The function of a smartphone becomes more than just a communication tool, but also as a digital transaction tool, namely through the banking banking application and e-wallet. The community is increasingly relying on smartphones to fulfill their daily needs such as buying credit and data packages, paying bills, opening savings accounts and investing.

Covid-19 Pandemic, which forces people to carry out physical distancing, has strengthened their dependence on digital transactions via smartphones. That is one sign that the world is entering the New Normal Phase. 

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) presents a breakthrough Mobile Cash feature on BNI Mobile Banking application in the New Normal phase. This Mobile Cash feature makes it easy for customers to make cash withdrawals at BNI ATM (Cash Deposit/Withdrawal) and ATM Link (BNI) without needing to carry a BNI debit card.

In Jakarta, Wednesday (27 May 2020), The Consumer Business Director of BNI, Corina Leyla Karnalies said that the Mobile Cash feature supports customers to make digital transactions easier in the New Normal era. Customers only need to open the BNI Mobile Banking application and select the Mobile Cash menu. This is a new way to do cashless and cardless transactions. The advantage of Mobile Cash transactions is that they can be used for themselves or for sending cash to other people.

The Mobile Cash feature is equipped with a good and layered security system. Phase 1 security, the customer enters the transaction code at the ATM when withdrawing cash without this card and this security code is only valid for 2 hours. In addition, BNI complements step 2 security, namely the OTP code sent to the destination mobile number. Both of these safeguards are implemented to maximize the security of customer transactions.

"The Mobile Cash feature is also very useful for sending money to other people. Simply enter the recipient's mobile number. Then pass the transaction code generated to the recipient of the funds. Fund recipients will also get an OTP code on the intended mobile number," Corina said.

Corina added, the nominal amount of money that could be withdrawn was a multiple of Rp 50,000, up to a maximum of Rp 1,250,000, for self-transaction purposes, and a maximum cash withdrawal of Rp 500,000, for other people. This arrangement is for customer safety.

"In the future, we will develop cashless and cardless transactions to deposit cash into savings and other digital transactions," she said.


WhatsApp Business

In addition to Mobile Cash, BNI is also present in WhatsApp Business service which is a medium used by BNI in conducting education related to BNI products and services, informing BNI programs and promotions, and transaction notifications. The goal is to make BNI closer to customers and provide many channel choices to find out information about BNI.

"BNI’s official WhatsApp Business account number is 08115881946 and has been verified by WhatsApp so there is a green check mark on the account name," Corina concluded 


For more information, please contact:

Corporate Secretary BNI

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