Collaboration of IKA UNSRI and BNI, Holding Free Swab Test in Palembang

Collaboration of IKA UNSRI and BNI, Holding Free Swab Test in Palembang

Palembang, 7 June 2020 --- Community efforts to help the government carry out free swab tests are continuing. This time the Alumni Association of Sriwijaya University (IKA UNSRI) was held with PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI). The joint step of educational institution and business entity is a constructive collaboration in mapping the spread of corona virus as well as suppressing the expansion of the outbreak early on.

The Swab Test in South Sumatra was opened at IKA UNSRI Secretariat, Palembang, Sunday (7 June 2020).

Present at the occasion, the General Chairperson of PN IKA UNSRI, Agung Firman Sampurna (who is also the Chairperson of BPK of the Republic of Indonesia), the Head of South Sumatra Regional Police Headquarters, Police Commissioner Syamsul Bahar, the Deputy Chairperson of Palembang City Covid-19 Task Force, Ratu Dewa (Palembang City Secretary), the Chairperson of IKA FK (Medical Faculty) UNSRI, Zulkifli, the Head of BPK of South Sumatra Representative Office, Harry Purwaka, and the Head of BNI Region of Palembang Area, Dodi Widjajanto.

Also present were invitations from Muspida elements in Palembang City, as well IKA UNSRI Alumni Management in Palembang.

Agung Firman Sampurna said there must be understanding between the government and the community in Covid-19 handling acceleration program in Indonesia.

The activity aims to anticipate the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, by identifying earlier how far the Covid-19 real, by conducting a Covid-19 Swab Test method with priority scale and with a limited number of participants. Determination of the priority scale, which community members are considered to be very necessary to do this test, is based on information from the Health Office of Palembang City in collaboration with IKA FK UNSRI. This free test is intended for people with ODP status (Persons in Monitoring) and among medical personnel, law enforcement officers (APH), and other elements, who are considered the spearhead in handling Covid-19.   

Ratu Dewa conveyed, community’s participation in Swab Test program will greatly assist the work of the Covid-19 Task Force of Palembang City in anticipating Covid-19, where Palembang as one of Red Zone of the pandemic really needs clear mapping.

"With this accurate data, we hope our work will be faster and more accurate, and more measurable in handling Covid-19. We also urge, the participation of all walks of life, especially in the city of Palembang to work together against the Covid-19 Pandemic and follow the provisions of the health protocol. which has been determined by the government," she said.

BNI also symbolically handed over Assistance in the form of 100 PPE and 25 Mask boxes to IKA UNSRI which was then forwarded to Palembang Covid-19 Task Force at the event. 


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