BNI Overseas Branch Offices Encourage Indonesian Entrepreneurs to Go International

BNI Overseas Branch Offices Encourage Indonesian Entrepreneurs to Go International

Jakarta, 15 July 2020 --- With the support of Overseas Branch Offices (KCLN) in 6 (six) countries, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, United States of America, and UK, BNI is committed to providing banking services and assistance to Indonesian related companies abroad, both overseas companies that do business with Indonesia, as well as Indonesian companies that have expanded or have plans to expand internationally.

The business has a sweet fruit with 80% profit growth before tax of BNI Overseas Branch Offices and Fee-Based Income of 34% year on year (YoY) in Semester I 2020.

In Jakarta, Wednesday (15 July 2020), the Director of Treasury and International of BNI, Putrama Wahju Setyawan said, as an overview, BNI Overseas Branch Offices are relatively consistent in supporting efforts to encourage Indonesian companies to go international and encourage entrepreneurs in local countries to import goods from Indonesia through business matching activities and business forums in the countries where the Overseas Branch Offices are located.

"The activities that have been held for several years has proven to have pushed some BNI customers into the global market by opening trading arms in these countries to facilitate their international trade transactions. BNI commitment to support Indonesian companies is also shown by making special scheme for debtors in Indonesia who have subsidiaries or trading arms abroad,” said Putrama.

To date BNI has provided loans to +/- 300 Indonesian Related Companies with the total loans reaching USD 1.26 billion.


BNI Customers Go International

Putrama also said, one of Indonesian companies that is expanding internationally is Sritex through its busines group based in Hong Kong, namely New Bloom which is engaged in the textile business. As a Sritex trading arm, New Bloom purchases raw material supplies with the support of BNI Hong Kong, where this supply will be forwarded to business groups in Indonesia and the final product will be exported to foreign countries. Sritex also develops business reaches mainland Europe with the support of BNI London, where Sritex acquired a company in Germany to produce specialty suits such as fire-fighting uniforms for sale on the European market.

Another Indonesian company that has developed overseas business is Aastar in Singapore, which is engaged in commodity businesses such as CPO & Fertilizers.

BNI Singapore also provides financing to Sorbent Pty Ltd which is one Sinarmas Group subsidiaries, that is engaged in Tissue Industry in Australia and imports a lot of raw materials from Indonesia.

With the support of BNI Overseas Branch Offices, Indonesian companies may develop their business abroad and become companies that are ready to compete with other global players. 


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