Covid Still Epidemic, BNI Intensively Distributes Social Assistance

Jakarta, 13 August 2020 --- Covid-19 pandemic in almost all parts of the world, including Indonesia, it has encouraged people to work together in living life. Various government agencies, the private sectors, and individuals work together on the same mission, namely the humanitarian mission.

One of the ways that the government cooperates with banks is the distribution of social assistance, including through Basic Food Program. Together with the Social Ministry, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI becomes one of the few banks running the program. This role was carried out by BNI as part of #BUMNSeanteroNegeri spirit by alerting more than 1,908 outlets and 160,733 agents.

In Jakarta, Wednesday, 13 August 2020, BNI’s Institutional Relation Director, Sis Apik Wijayanto said, BNI optimizes its branch network throughout Indonesia to ensure that all of these programs run well, on target, and on time.

“Until July 2020, BNI has implemented seven stages of Basic Food Program with a value of Rp. 9.8 trillion to 8 million beneficiary families (KPM) in 123 cities and regencies. Apart from the dedication of BNI Hi-Movers at branches, this achievement cannot be separated from the contribution of Agen46 as Laku Pandai agent of BNI," said Sis Apik.

In addition to running Basic Food Program (formerly known as Non-Cash Food Assistance or BPNT), BNI also distributes Cash Social Assistance (BST), which is part of Social Safety Net Program. The Association of State-Owned Banks (Himbara) and PT Pos Indonesia have been actively distributing BST in April-June 2020. BNI itself has distributed BST of IDR 300 billion to 178 thousand KPM in 465 cities and regencies.

"Interestingly, Himbara and PT Pos Indonesia have worked together to reach people who do not have a Himbara bank account. BNI branch offices provided BST in the form of cash which can be taken and distributed directly by PT Pos Indonesia officers to KPM, "said Sis Apik.

Overall, BNI has distributed BPNT from 2017 until now. In 2019, BNI distributed 12 stages of BPNT to 6.8 million KPM, with a total fund of Rp. 8.1 trillion.

In 2020, BPNT transformed into Basic Food Program with an additional nominal aid from Rp. 110 thousand to Rp. 150 thousand per KPM. For the distribution of March-December 2020, the nominal amount of assistance will increase to IDR 200 thousand per KPM. From April to July 2020, there was an additional 1.8 million KPM of Covid-19 stimulus, with a fund value of IDR 1.4 trillion. As of June 2020, BNI has distributed assistance in seven stages of Basic Food Program to 8 million KPM valued at Rp. 9.8 trillion.

“BNI also supports Keluarga Harapan Program (PKH) from 2016 until now. As of July 2020, BNI has distributed PKH in six stages valued at Rp 9.4 trillion to 4.2 million KPM,” said Sis Apik.


BNI Overcome Covid-19

During Covid-19 hit, BNI assistance is carried out thoroughly. In addition to ensuring that all social assistance from the government is properly distributed, BNI is one of the most active banks in organizing health protocol support programs. The program is carried out, among others, through the implementation of mass swab tests in various cities in Indonesia, up to 30 thousand swabs. BNI also helps people to get masks, hand sanitizers, face shields, and gloves.

"One of the protection assistance we distribute to employees of PT Pos Indonesia. It is hoped that, through this assistance, PT Pos Indonesia officers, who are at the forefront of BST distribution, can work well and remain protected from exposure to Covid-19, "said Sis Apik. 


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