Extending Services to ASNs, BNI Collaborates with Fidac

Jakarta, 11 September 2020 --- Covid-19 pandemic is still hitting and affecting social and economic life. Society is required to innovate by taking advantage of technological advances. Banking does not escape the demands to innovate in its function to serve customer needs.

Likewise, as what is done by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI). Various innovations were born as BNI's efforts to continue to grow with the spirit of Go-Digital in order to create various conveniences and speeds. One of them is financial technology cooperation.

One of the collaborations was carried out between BNI and FIDAC which was marked by the signing of a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) in Jakarta, Thursday (10 September 2020). The Cooperation Agreement was signed by the General Manager of Sales Division of BNI, Indomora Harahap and the Director of FIDAC, Harry Fardan Zaini. The event was witnessed by the Network and Service Director of BNI, Ronny Venir, the Consumer Business Director of BNI, Corina Leyla Karnalies, and Bima Haria Wibisana as the Head of the State Civil Service Agency (BKN).

"Through the financial technology collaboration developed by Fidac, namely DUMI. ASNs who meet the requirements have the opportunity to get a maximum loan of up to Rp 100 million with a tenor of 5 years," said Ronny Venir.

This collaboration will make ASNs faster and easier to access our financing, as well as being able to use financing facilities for various needs. With the DUMI application, ASNs don't have to bother coming to BNI branch offices, especially during the pandemic. It is hoped that these activities can improve BNI services to the State Civil Apparatus by implementing financial inclusion.

BNI has also innovated by digitizing on various fronts. Various banking activities can be done through gadgets.

Starting from the need to open savings, BNI has an account opening through a multifunctional digital device that is more fun because it is faster and more complete, namely account opening through BNI Mobile Banking, through Digital Opening Account (DOA), BNI Sonic (Self Service Opening Account), and also via Sonic Mobile with EDC Android devices.

BNI customers are also spoiled for convenience with cash withdrawals at ATMs without using card with the new BNI Mobile Cash feature.

For customers who want to ask questions about BNI products but are constrained to go to the branch, BNI currently also has a BNI Virtual Assistant. BNI CALL Virtual Assistant application, for banking, is the first in Indonesia where users don't need to type anything on the keyboard. The voice is transmitted using Voice Queries and Natural Language Processing (NLP) so that the user is like talking to friends or relatives. Simply download BNI Call application through Playstore, customers will find it easier to find banking products.

To facilitate the submission of a loan application for Griya or Flexion KTA can be done using the e-form through website of BNI and BNI Mobile Banking. BNI Mobile banking is now increasingly comfortable to use, easily accessible with face recognition or fingerprint features.


For more information, please contact:

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