UMKM MUDA Virtual Week BNI Introducing Rumah BUMN for Millenial

Jakarta, 21 September 2020 --- Since 17 August 2020, the Ministry of SOEs has officially re-branding Rumah Kreatif BUMN program to become Rumah BUMN with the aim of maximizing the role of BUMN for Indonesia. In addition to functioning to develop Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Rumah BUMN have 5 new functions as the development of MSMEs, Disaster Response Task Force, Distribution of Partnership and Community Development Program (PKBL), Management of Coworking Space & Coffee Shops and as a center for BUMN Millennial activities.

To introduce Rumah BUMN BNI to the millennial generation, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) collaborated with Ayo Naik Kelas to organize UMKM MUDA Virtual Week program on 15-21 September 2020. UMKM MUDA Virtual Week is a series of virtual activities aimed at spread the spirit of entrepreneurship, especially to the millennial generation in Indonesia to continue to be optimistic and move forward in developing businesses amid the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

In Jakarta, Monday (21 September 2020), the Corporate Secretary of BNI, Meiliana said that the four agenda of activities in the form of UMKM Muda Talk, Charity Webinar, Virtual Pop Up Market and Virtual Tour will be held free of charge via Instagram @rumahbumn.bni and @ayo.naik.kelas and Facebook & Youtube Channel for Rumah BUMN BNI.

UMKM Muda Talk Talk brought together young Indonesians who are starting business with inspiring young entrepreneurs from various cities in Indonesia such as Riza & Wakhyu, the Founder of Rumah Mocaf Indonesia, Martalinda Basuki, the Founder Cokelat Classic, Tiara & Rinaldi, the Founder Morfana.Co, Aussie Andry, the Founder & CEO Es Teh Indonesia - Gokskin.ID, Satria Widyar, the Founder of Youth Milkshake and Elsen Nugroho, the Founder of Arane Ecoprint.

While, UMKM Muda Charity Webinar invited designer Dana Maulana, the famous young brand founder, Danjyo Hiyoji, and young entrepreneur & influencer, Angga Daulay, the Founder & CEO D'Colonel Resto who will provide inspiration in starting a business through the theme From Zero to Hero on the Official Youtube Rumah BUMN BNI. Through the webinar, Ayo Naik Kelas also invited participants to donate to the Small Farmers Business Group in North Bandung, initiated by Mang Toha and journalists at the Odesa Indonesia Foundation through platform.

There was also UMKM Muda Virtual Pop Up Market, which presented curation of local brand products created by young people and the MSMEs of Rumah BUMN BNI which are creative and can be an inspiration for other young people while supporting the National Movement of Bangga Buatan Indonesia.

In the midst of pandemic and physical distancing rules, UMKM Muda Virtual Week invited millennials for a virtual tour business to the business location of UMKM Muda Arma Rifai, the Founder of Domba Berkah. It is hoped that other millennials can see first hand the business process and how the owner develops his business.

“Rumah BUMN which was initiated by the Ministry of MSMEs becomes the forum for MSMEs to collaborate with various parties such as Ministries, Office of Cooperatives & SMEs through PLUT program, Universities, Marketplace and Communities who have the same vision and mission for MSMEs. In the future, Rumah BUMN is also expected to become a coworking space for young people to actively collaborate with MSMEs so that the creativity and digital skills of these young people can help develop a creative and global local brand through digital marketing," said Meiliana.

In the meantime, the Co-Founder of Ayo Naik Class, Bima Rizky said that currently many young undergraduate graduates in the Covid-19 pandemic era decided to become entrepreneurs amidst the difficult situation of finding work. However, sometimes they are still confused about how to develop their business, so this activity is expected to be a support system for them as well as gather them in one community to share information and experiences among other Indonesian UMKM Muda.

Until now, BNI has fostered 44 Rumah BUMN throughout Indonesia through training programs to encourage MSMEs to upgrade and help finance MSMEs through KUR and BNI UKM Unggulan Nusantara (Bunga Nusantara) programs which actively curate original Indonesian products to participate in exhibitions at the national leveland the world. 


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