BNI-ITB Virtual Ultra Marathon Runners Finish 100KM In Less Than 12 Hours

Jakarta, 12 December 2020 --- Not being crushed by the Covid-19 Pandemic, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) continues its support for marathon running competitions. This time, BNI, the Solidarity Forever Foundation and Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) are collaborating in realizing BNI-ITB Virtual Ultra Marathon 2020, which was participated by more than 5,000 runners.

The uniqueness of this year's competition with the theme Run of the Century is that participants can determine their own route with the Strava application. BNI-ITB Virtual Ultra Marathon also aims to commemorate ITB's 100th anniversary, campaign for a healthy lifestyle through running sports, and strengthen solidarity with ITB alumni.

In Jakarta, on Saturday (12 December 2020), the Director of Institutional Relation of BNI, Sis Apik Wijayanto said, considering that Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet, the 2020 marathon will be held virtually. This is in anticipation of the limitations of mass gathering.

"Thanks to the existing technological capabilities, the participants can run from anywhere within the specified time span. The event which consists of 3 categories is carried out by relay," said Sis Apik.

The first was carried out by 2 relay runners, 4 relay runners, and 10 relay runners, which was done by combining the running distances of the participants until they were collected into 100 km of mileage.

The 10K category is specifically provided for ITB alumni participants. Meanwhile, two other categories are open for public, namely relay 2 and relay 4.

"The target achievement is based on BNI-ITB Virtual Ultra Marathon participants’ great interest. They enjoy this event not only as a nostalgic moment, but also to be healthy through sports activities," said Sis Apik.


With BNI, ITB Alumni recruiting Members

Through this event, the committee is also an event to recruit members of the ITB Alumni Association (IA), marked with a membership card. This IA ITB member card also functions as BNI debit card & electronic money card (TapCash).

The making of IA ITB membership card can be done at the nearest BNI branch office. This program provides several benefits and valid from 12 December-31 December 2020.

There are various benefits offered by BNI for IA ITB member card holders. They can enjoy shopping discounts and BNI Debit Card promos, which can be checked at

For promos and to use TapCash Card, just access There is also reward from BNI POIN+ of 5,000 points, equivalent to IDR 50,000. The points can be redeemed via BNI Mobile Banking for various shopping vouchers or for donations.

From the IA ITB membership card program, BNI even spoils card owners to take advantage of BNI Griya, BNI Flexi, and BNI Live Plan Multi Protection facilities. For the first 10 participants who applied for BNI Griya or BNI Flexi via e-Form until 18 December 2020, they received direct prizes in the form of jersey and medal of BNI-ITB Virtual Ultra Marathon.

BNI Griya is BNI Home Ownership Credit (KPR) which can be submitted via BNI Griya e-Form ( BNI Fleksi is a BNI Unsecured Loan (KTA) to meet various needs that can be submitted via BNI Flexi e-Form ( While BNI Live Plan Multi Protection is a fund need facility with flexible premiums and includes additional insurance that can be accessed at

The benefits of the three programs apply to the first 1,000 interested ones. The requirement is proof of certificate/KTM.

Specifically for opening a BNI digital account, a prospective customer must enter the BNIITBVIRTUALRUN referral code. In addition, there must be a balance of IDR 1,000,000 at the end of the program, which is on 18 December 2020.

BNI and ITB also collaborate in issuing BNI-ITB credit card, for the alumni and extended families of ITB can apply and get Tokopedia Giftcard benefits and for the existing card holders there is also a cashback benefit of up to IDR 350,000. The terms and conditions can be checked via:

With the support of BNI, the Ultra Marathon event has proven to be successful in uniting ITB alumni across departments, across generations, even across generations within the prestigious university located in Bandung. 


For more information, please contact:

BNI Corporate Secretary

Phone: 021-5728387



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