Promising Young People, BNI Ready to Distribute Housing Loans for Millennials

Promising Young People, BNI Ready to Distribute Housing Loans for Millennials

Jakarta, 20 January 2021 -- Young workers who are in the age range of 21 - 35 years are the group of workers who dominate the list of applicants for housing loans (KPR). At PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI), millennials made up 60% of the total mortgage applicants last year. For this reason, in 2021, BNI is ready to spread Housing Loans for millennials again through various facilities from BNI Griya.

In addition, many developers have created special millennial housing projects, with special designs, affordable prices, and flexible payment schemes. BNI has prepared internal data, developer information, and population demographics based on age as a basis for targeting KPR potential in this millennial segment.

"Both landed houses and vertical housing are suitable for the millennial segment, depending on their abilities and needs. The millennial segment prefers to go to the primary market because of design considerations, affordable prices, location and practicality," said BNI’s Consumer Business Director, Corina Leyla Karnalies in Jakarta earlier this week.

In 2020, BNI Griya recorded positive growth with a disbursement value of nearly Rp 9 trillion. The largest composition in the fixed income debtor segment is for purchases in the primary market. In 2021, BNI will remain focused on the same segment for the purchase of commercial houses and subsidies in the primary market.

Interestingly, BNI is ready to offer interest rates starting at 4.74% per year, fixed for the first 1 year, with an option to pay interest only for up to 2 years to make it easier for debtors to repay mortgage loans during the pandemic, with a period of up to 30 years. In addition, the KPR application can be submitted online with the BNI Griya eForm which can be accessed through BNI website, BNI Mobile Banking or type the link Currently, BNI Griya submissions via e-form have reached an average of over 2,000 applications per month.

BNI also continues to apply the Instant Approval facility for Top Developers, and a loan period of up to 30 years. "The provision of this loan certainly also considers a segment that is relatively safe and not affected by the pandemic, so that loan quality is well maintained," said Corina.

Aggressive Subsidized Housing Loan 

In 2020, BNI's Housing Loan product, namely BNI Griya, grew above 4% YOY, while subsidized Housing Loan increased to more than 50%. BNI always plays a role in supporting government programs in the field of providing housing needs for low-income people (MBR), with the Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP) program in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. In 2020, BNI held BNI FLPP KPR Sejahtera mass contract with the aim of making it easier for MBR debtors to buy housing in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The convenience provided is in the form of a low down payment, affordable installments and an installment period of up to 20 years. As of the end of 2020, BNI has assisted the Government in distributing 47 thousand houses to low-income people and this will continue to increase in 2021.

Six Focuses

In order to encourage the growth of BNI Griya and distribute Subsidized KPR, BNI is ready with six focuses, namely First, focusing BNI Griya expansion on the low risk segment and existing customers, as well as optimizing the value chain business through synergies with Business Banking and with subsidiaries. This will provide business potential for Consumer Banking, especially in working on BNI Griya.

Second, penetrating the market to the Primary Market Griya by increasing cooperation with PKS Developer partners and optimizing the entire branch/outlet network throughout Indonesia as BNI Griya's marketing channel.

Third, digitizing loan applications (e-Form) and strengthening marketing through strategic partnerships with online property media to increase the ease and speed of BNI Griya process.

Fourth, optimizing the absorption of BNI Griya Subsidi quota which consists of FLPP, SSB, and BP2BT as well as providing a Bridging Loan scheme for house construction.

Fifth, focusing on expansion to selected institutions and companies, by utilizing various marketing channels by optimizing the roles of branches as office channeling, fronting agents, and e-channel.

Sixth, penetrating potential payroll customers by optimizing data analytics and optimizing data from existing debtors & Emerald customers. 
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