Inaugurated New Office in Seoul and Korean Desk, BNI Ready to Bring Together Indonesian dan Korean Entrepreneurs

Inaugurated New Office in Seoul and Korean Desk, BNI Ready to Bring Together Indonesian dan Korean Entrepreneurs

Seoul, 16 April 2021 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) reaffirmed its role as a provider of digital-based integrated financial solutions with international excellence. This time, strengthening this role was carried out with the opening of a new Seoul branch office and the establishment of BNI Korean Desk. The presence of this new office and Korean Desk will make the Overseas Branch Office (KCLN) a trade & investment center, and strengthen the support of Indonesian MSMEs efforts to penetrate the global market. For this reason, BNI has placed overseas branch offices in strategic central business districts to facilitate access to international business stakeholders. 

The inauguration of the new BNI Seoul office and the establishment of the Korean Desk was held on 16 April 2021 with the event center in Seoul. The occasion was attended by the Indonesian Ambassador to South Korea, Umar Hadi. The series of events was also attended virtually by BNI’s Deputy President Director, Adi Sulistyowati and the Treasury Director and several BNI Directors from Jakarta. 

In his remarks, the Minister of SOEs of the Republic of Indonesia, Erick Tohir said that the existence of BNI in Seoul has a deeper meaning than just its economic role. The existence of BNI in Seoul is one proof of the close cooperation between Indonesia and the Republic of Korea, where diplomatic relations between the two countries have been established for 48 years. The close relationship and bilateral cooperation open opportunities for cooperation in various sectors. "For that, I really support every effort to improve the capacity made by BNI in order to improve services in Seoul and its surroundings. BNI Seoul has become one of Indonesia's storefronts in Korea, apart from of course our diplomatic corps. I hope that BNI Seoul can play a big role in facilitating banking services for Indonesian companies that expand their business to South Korean market and also serve the diaspora. Congratulations on the opening of the New BNI Seoul Office, and the BNI Korean Desk. I believe this is a good and concrete step towards a more advanced Indonesian future," he said.

On this occasion, several South Korean companies that have collaborated with BNI were also present, including Lotte Mart, Samsung and LG. Currently, collaborations that have been running from the side of the consumer business include credit card co-branding products, support programs at product launching and advisory service. Starting 22 March 2021, BNI moved the KCLN Seoul office located at the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) building on floors 2 and 5, 39 Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul. "The transfer of this office location was carried out by BNI because of a more strategic location and the KCCI building routinely holds trade & investment forums, where KCLN can use it to hold business matching and also bring together Indonesian companies and MSMEs with traders and investors in South Korea," added Adi Sulistyowati. The new office occupies a larger space than the previous office with more complete facilities. Customers will be spoiled by the BNI Seoul banking hall, which is equipped with a trade and investment corner, with a digital concept to promote Indonesian investment products and projects. This new office also provides an exhibition corner where Indonesian MSMEs can showcase their superior products. 

Specifically to serve the needs of South Korean companies when conducting business meetings with Indonesian companies, BNI Seoul also provides four meeting rooms and one lounge. These rooms are equipped with facilities to conduct online meetings with partners in Indonesia. The strong ties between South Korea and Indonesia are driven by investment and trade activities between them. South Korea is Indonesia's fifth largest trading partner with a trade volume of more than USD 13,335 million. The presence of BNI in Seoul aims to seize these opportunities. 

In an effort to increase trade activities, BNI Seoul is committed to becoming a mediator for Indonesian companies that have export-oriented products, especially in the MSME segment. KCLN Seoul regularly records BNI Indonesia customers and their products and collaborates with ITPC and the Indonesian Embassy to meet potential buyers in South Korea. BNI also provides Total Financial Solutions to both MSMEs in Indonesia and buyers in South Korea which aims to reduce transaction costs and further increase trade volume going forward. Henry Panjaitan explained, “For the Indonesian diaspora in South Korea who has businesses such as culinary businesses and imports of Indonesian products, there is good news because we are working on Diaspora MSME products so that the diaspora businesses can compete with local companies and become global players.” 

Korean Desk

Improvement of services at BNI Seoul, is strengthened by the support of the Korean Desk which has a fairly wide service coverage. With this new Desk, BNI provides services for South Korean investors from the pre-incorporation and post-incorporation stages. The Indonesian Ambassador for South Korea, Umar Hadi, said that party always adheres to the principle of Indonesia Incorporated, namely that all elements, including the Government, SOEs and the private sector, move in one unified step. "If you look at the investment trend from South Korea to Indonesia, then the export-import trend as well, it is only fitting that BNI's operations be enlarged in South Korea. I am pleased that there is a Korean Desk that can directly serve customers for business transaction activities between Indonesia and South Korea," he explained.

In the pre-incorporation stage, BNI provides assistance to investors in starting a business set-up from a legal side in Indonesi. By leveraging close relationships with various government institutions, collaborative networks with third parties and an extensive branch network, more than 2,000 domestic branches and 6 KCLNs overseas, BNI can maximize its services through the Korean Desk. With a large customer base, BNI can also refer local partners and prospective clients to investors. 

At the post-incorporation stage, BNI assists business growth in Indonesia by providing banking products and services as needed. "The BNI Korean Desk is here to provide a one-stop service for Korean companies in establishing and expanding their business in Indonesia, as well as providing banking products and services according to their needs," said Henry Panjaitan.

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