BNI Digital Ecosystem is More Reliable

BNI Digital Ecosystem is More Reliable

Jakarta, 12 May 2021 -- The digital service network prepared by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) is getting stronger and more reliable. BNI is now accelerating the digital transformation of its services with various electronic champion channels such as BNI Mobile Banking, digital branch networks including Agen46, ATM, SMS Banking, Internet Banking, to CRM for the consumer segment. 

BNI digital services can also be trusted to help companies make their transactions easier through BNI Direct application. The BNI digital ecosystem also excels in providing Application Programming Interface (API) services. 
BNI is accelerating digital transformation that will make services faster and more concise, but still safe. One of the effects that cannot be avoided is the adjustment of the number of outlets due to a shift in service use from outlets to electronic channels or digital branches. In general, plans for opening, closing, or relocating an outlet are based on several factors, namely the development of digital services, business conditions, customer needs, and also the company's long-term plans. 

BNI’s Corporate Secretary, Mucharom conveyed in Jakarta, Thursday (11 May 2021), in order to strengthen these digital services, BNI is also re-mapping its office network, including the conversion of conventional outlets to Sharia (Qonun in Aceh). “The remapping will be the basis for us in determining our business strategy, including in determining services at outlets. The adjustment can be made by merging adjacent sub-branches or payment point outlets, making it more efficient and more optimal. Regarding employees, we ensure that there will be no termination of employment." he explained.

According to Mucharom, the closure of outlets will not reduce BNI's services for existing customers and the public in general. The needs of corporate customers can also be served with BNI Mobile Banking application, BNI Sonic machines, ATMs and BNI CRM. The company continues to add new features to BNI Mobile Banking and BNI Direct applications, as well as other e-Channel services. "In essence, customer needs can be served with BNI's digital capabilities that are getting better," he said. 

The total BNI office network in Indonesia has reached 2,233 outlets. Optimizing office networks and shifting services to digital can create cost efficiencies. Mucharom emphasized that employees who happen to have their outlets closed will be transferred to the nearest outlet, or switched according to their competence. If the closure (administration) is due to the implementation of Qonun then basically the people are not going anywhere.
"The closure of these outlets can be in the form of branches, sub-branch offices, cash offices and payment points, and not a single employee has been terminated because of this," concluded Mucharom.

Agen46 Performance

Until April 2021, performance of BNI Lakupandai agent called Agen46 shows growth on many indicators. In terms of the number of Agen46 agents, BNI recorded a growth of 18.15% YoY, namely in April 2021 as many as 156,460 agents, an increase compared to April 2020 with 132,422 agents.

Agen46 is also active as a source of operational DPK, as evidenced by the Operational DPK collected in April 2021 to grow 44.8% higher than April 2020, where in April 2021 it was Rp 1.81 trillion, an increase compared to April 2020 of Rp 1.25 trillion. Furthermore, Agen46 has also collected BNI Pandai DPK Funds (BSA Savings) which in April 2021 grew 10.29% YoY, namely Rp.181 billion, an increase compared to April 2020 of Rp.164.1 billi.
Likewise with the agent's operational performance, which is reflected in the FBI. The FBI collected from Agen46 service operations throughout Indonesia also increased by 14.83% YoY in April 2021, namely Rp.19.51 billion, an increase compared to April 2020 of Rp.16.99 billion.

This positive performance shows that the Branchless Banking concept implanted in each Agen46 has successfully touched 3 main targets for the development of Lakupandai agents initiated by OJK, namely Touching the Unbanked Society, Successful Financial Inclusion, and Successful Financial Literacy. 
We see that there is still space for the development of Agen46's services, operations and business performance going forward. This is partly because the acceleration of digital transformation that we are currently doing will touch Agen46.

BNI Digital Service 

Mucharon added, overall BNI digital transactions also recorded a significant increase. In terms of BNI Mobile Banking service, until the first quarter of 2021, the number of BNI Mobile Banking users reached 8.56 million or grew 58.4% compared to the same period last year. The transaction value reached Rp 138 trillion in March 2021 or grew 33.2% compared to March 2020 of Rp 103 trillion. The number of transactions made through BNI Mobile Banking reached 95 million in the first quarter of 2021, an increase of 50.4% compared to the first quarter of 2020, which reached 63 million transactions. 

The high interest of BNI Mobile Banking users is driven by the latest features launched to complement the services therein. Among others, such as Biometric Login, digital account opening with facial recognition feature, borrowing funds, managing credit card bills, developing e-wallets, and developing QR payment. These various feature innovations have received appreciation from users as reflected in the increase in the rating of BNI Mobile Banking application on the Android Play Store from 3.6 in August 2020 to 4.9 in March 2021.

An increase also occurred in the digital transactional banking platform or BNIDirect, which offers integrated solutions for Payment Management services, Collection Management, Liquidity Management, Value Chain Management, to Open Banking Solut. Until March 2021, The number of BNI cash management customers reached more than 72 thousand, an increase of 24% compared to the previous year, with transaction volume in the first 3 months of 2021 reaching Rp 968 trillion, an increase of 22.7% compared to the same period in 2020.

As an international business-oriented bank, BNI comes with several developments, one of which is Global Transaction Banking, which utilizes 6 BNI overseas branches as a place for advisory, implementation and complaint handling for cash management from Indonesian related companies in these countries. 

In addition, BNI also comes with BNI Trade Online, which is a digital development for the Trade Finance process that has been integrated with BNIDirect as BNI Cash Management, where submission of trade transaction requests can be done online without having to come to BNI outlets and can be done anywhere. and anytime quickly and easily. BNI also has other digital platforms to support online transactions for customers, such as Online Bank Guarantee and Financial Supply Chain Management as digital platforms for processing Bank Guarantee and Supply Chain Financing.

This reinforces BNI's initiative to continue to improve digital services not only for retail customers, but also for corporate and MSME customers, which account for 83.6% of the total loans. Continuous investment in the transactional banking platform will continue to be a priority, considering that almost half of BNI's low-cost funds come from active customers using BNI Direct.

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