High Business Interest, Aku Saudagar Muda 2021 Accepts 2,510 Applicants

High Business Interest, Aku Saudagar Muda 2021 Accepts 2,510 Applicants

Jakarta, 25 October 2021 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI captures the unrelenting interest of millennials to learn and start a business during the Covid-19 Pandemic. At least this enthusiasm for doing business can be seen from the high interest of millennials to enroll in the Aku Saudagar Muda Program (ASM) 2021. This ASM 2021 program is held to coincide with the commemoration of the 93rd Youth Pledge Day on 28 October 2021, so that the spirit is the same as the theme of the national holiday, namely the spirit to Unite, Rise, and Grow. 

Until the closing of the ASM 2021 registration period on 25 October 2021, BNI recorded 2,510 registrants. The event, which carries the theme of Muda Pasti Bisa, invites Indonesian millennials to hone their skills in entrepreneurship without worrying about initial capital problems. 

To become ASM 2021 participants, applicants will be screened first. Later, each participant who passes the selection process will become a reseller to market the superior products of MSME partners fostered by Rumah BUMN BNI. As a reseller, ASM 2021 participants will get many benefits, including being able to start a business without capital or free, get a margin or profit from the products sold, and may attend training on entrepreneurship from BNI.

BNI is a bank that actively empowers millennials to be able to stand alone in the economy. In addition to ASM 2021, BNI also held a MASK program or Magang Asik & Keren at Rumah BUMN BNI.

BNI’s Corporate Secretary, Mucharom in Jakarta, Thursday (28 October 2021) invites regional millennials, both students and fresh graduates, to be enthusiastic about learning entrepreneurship from a young age while helping to market superior MSME products in their respective regions.

About ASM and MASKER

Aku Saudagar Muda 2021 has the tagline BERANI or Berwirausaha bersama BNI.  With the current pandemic conditions, the format for implementing the Aku Saudagar Muda program will be carried out online, where millennials will become MSME products resellers of Rumah BUMN BNI by using an online sales application that is connected to Rumah BUMN BNI sales website.

While MASKER program or Magang Asik & Keren is an introduction and learning program to manage the management of Rumah BUMN BNI for potential regional millennials. At the end of the program, the internship participants will receive internship certificates which will be a plus when they enter the community. This program is in line with Rumah BUMN BNI Rebranding program which has new functions, one of which is as a millennial basecamp.

Aku Saudagar Muda 2021 Program was held at 10 Rumah BUMN BNI, namely Rumah BUMN Bekasi, Rumah BUMN Ternate, Rumah BUMN Karimun, Rumah BUMN Bantaeng, Rumah BUMN Pontianak, Rumah BUMN Padang, Rumah BUMN Tegal, Rumah BUMN Wonogiri, Rumah BUMN Ngawi, and Rumah BUMN Sumba Barat Daya.

The Program was ceremonially opened in Wonogiri Regency on 28 October 2021 attended by the Regent of Wonogiri, Joko Sutopo. The government of Wonogiri Regency appreciates Aku Saudagar Muda 2021 Program which was held by BNI. It is hoped that this program will be able to encourage sales of MSME products in Wonogiri and other cities. This activity was also attended by resellers from Rumah BUMN Wonogiri offline and resellers from 9 other Rumah BUMN who joined virtually.

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