Great, BNI Delivers MSMEs to Dubai Market

Great, BNI Delivers MSMEs to Dubai Market

Jakarta, 6 November 2021-- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI)'s MSME business development efforts are increasingly aggressive towards the end of the year. The Company has succeeded in facilitating national MSME debtors to enter the Al Jaber Gallery at the Mall of Dubai. 

Al Jaber Gallery is the largest souvenir shop chain in the United Arab Emirates which was founded in 1960. The owner of Al Jaber Gallery is Abdulla Jaber Belshalat who is an entrepreneur in the field of handicrafts and antiques. 

Al Jaber Gallery currently has 26 outlets spread across various malls and highways in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that sell a variety of authentic Arab crafts and various parts of the world such as the Middle East and South Asia. 

As a pilot project, the company sponsors 10 MSME players whose products consist of 30 products including shoes, ceramics, fabrics, jewelry, porcelain, bags, and home displays to be marketed at the Al Jaber Gallery Dubai Mall outlet. 
The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Erick Thohir and BNI’s President Director, Royke Tumilaar. Abdulla Jaber Belsalat also warmly welcomed the arrival of this Indonesian entourage. 

BNI's President Director, Royke Tumilaar said MSME is a strategic segment that is being pushed for its performance recovery this year. BNI continues to look for growth potential for MSME debtors to penetrate global markets such as in the Middle East, which has a large market niche. 

Royke said that BNI had just completed a collaboration with Al Jaber Gallery at the Dubai Mall. This step is expected to be able to increase market coverage for MSME players in the future.

"Of course, we are very proud because the National MSMEs that we foster are placed in the premium storefront in the largest mall in the world, namely at Al Jabber Gallery, Dubai Mall. Of course, we hope this can have a positive impact on opening the way for Indonesian MSMEs to go global," he said on Friday (5/11/2021). 

He conveyed that at this stage BNI Xpora acted as a facilitator for MSMEs to get a special place at the largest souvenir shop outlet in the United Arab Emirates. In the future, of course, these MSME players can work independently with Al Jaber Gallery. 
"The presence of Xpora is BNI's commitment to accelerate MSMEs to advance to class and go global. Through BNI Xpora, we believe that we will facilitate more and more National MSME business matching to many other countries as well," added Royke. 

On this occasion, Erick appreciated BNI's efforts in opening up access for MSME players to penetrate the global market. He is optimistic that the momentum for the revival of MSME performance will be faster in line with the opening of new global markets. 

"This is certainly very good. BNI with its Xpora program is able to open access to MSMEs. This is where the big MSME income opportunity is," he said. 

Furthermore, Erick also highlighted the MSME products in Dubai because they have traditional distinctive designs and premium quality. He believes that BNI has worked hard to guide MSME players to reach their current level.

"This is also thanks to BNI's efforts to guide its MSME players. The products are good, so the price is many times higher than foreign prices," he added. 

Furthermore, Erick said that the government's support through shopping for MSME products would also continue to be increased. Thus, MSME players get a fixed market that can be used as a revenue base to develop higher. 

"Anyway, under Rp. 14 billion, the government spends through MSMEs. That's big, you know. And remember, it must be registered through OSS," he added. 

Abdulla Jaber Belshalat said that his party had curated 30 products from BNI Xpora. He was amazed to see Indonesian products have a high quality and level of complexity too. 

"This is very good. The quality is very good. We will certainly encourage our customers to buy Indonesian products," he added. 

He hopes that these Indonesian products will be able to maintain their quality in the future. The reason, from this point customer demand will be higher. Moreover, Al Jaber will start placing MSME products in all Aljaber outlets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

"In the future, we will also establish direct cooperation with Indonesian MSME players so that the procurement of goods is carried out more quickly," he added. 

MSMEs Improving Performance 

The founder of Keewa Shoes, Dani Ika Suryandari, appreciates BNI's proactive steps that continue to look for growth opportunities for MSME players. She is optimistic that her business will get a very large purchase appreciation by entering the Dubai market. 

"Actually, we didn't expect BNI's efforts to be this aggressive. We really didn't expect our products to be sold at the very exclusive Al Jaber Gallery. Anyway, it's really cool," she said. 

He said Rumah Keewa has been running for 6 years. He and other craftsmen strive to create quality traditional unique products that are able to be loved by all Indonesians, including overseas. 

"We certainly believe that our business will continue to grow even more. BNI also continues to provide guidance and actively invites us to many learning programs. We are also given many tips related to exports and social media," she said. 
The founder of Borneo Queen, Kiki Aprilia also really appreciates BNI's efforts to sell products from Central Kalimantan through to Dubai. 

"I am very happy. BNI is very loyal to fostering us, MSME players. From the beginning of our business we have always received support so that we are able to penetrate the export market as it is today. Of course we are proud," she said. 
She conveyed that her business now continues to increase the number of craftsmen to answer the increasing demand. Kiki will continue to maintain her business with the concept of handicrafts so that the uniqueness of the product can be maintained. 

"Indeed, our demand has increased by 5,000 to 7,000 pairs per month. Previously it was very small. In the future it will certainly increase, and we will continue to add craftsmen. Now we have empowered all of the village craftsman," she added.

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