Inacraft Transformation, Asean's Largest International Craft Exhibition

Inacraft Transformation, Asean's Largest International Craft Exhibition

Jakarta, 10 November 2021 [M Bloc Space] -- The exhibition entitled Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT), which was asked to be one of the largest handicraft product exhibitions in Southeast Asia, is one of the exhibitions that is always awaited by activists & enthusiasts of domestic handicraft products with various types of products in the form of handicrafts, batik, weaving and fashion.  

As one of the barometers of the development of the handicraft industry in Indonesia, INACRAFT continues to be committed to supporting craftsmen in Indonesia, which is manifested by holding the INACRAFT exhibition initiated by the Association of Indonesian Handicraft Exporters and Producers (ASEPHI) in collaboration with PT. Mediatama Binakreasi has been going on for 20 years involving -/+ 1,500 creative actors from within the country with an average attendance of -/+ 30,000 visitors per day (2019 record: 173,695 visitors during 5 days of the exhibition) of which, 67% were women and employees. The total retail transactions recorded were Rp. 145,095,000,000. - and a trade contract of USD 12,980,000.- 

However, the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the whole world, including Indonesia, has prompted us to postpone these activities to avoid the possibility of a wider spread of the pandemic which has hampered almost all aspects of the Indonesian economy, including the creative industry. The success of INACRAFT for two decades (21 times of implementation) has made INACRAFT not only as a "mere" exhibition venue but also as a forum for promotion, adding knowledge, and building networking among handicraft business players so that they can compete in a healthy manner by displaying quality products. 

INACRAFT has become a melting pot for handicraft industry players ranging from producers/artisans/educators/exporters/lovers/collectors/buyers including policy makers and MSME coaches at the provincial government and SOEs through the INACRAFT IKON concept. It is not wrong if the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture awarded INACRAFT as the best Community Activity in 2018 at the Cultural Heritage Award. In addition, ASEPHI was selected as the World's Best Non-Government Organization at the International Craft Award in New Delhi, in 2020. 

The spirit to continue to revive and rebuild the creative economy sector must always be nurtured, especially during a pandemic. Therefore, ASEPHI is committed to supporting Indonesian craftsmen to continue their work by presenting INACRAFT Reborn with the tagline “From Small Village to Global Market”. 

INACRAFT Reborn is not only held through offline exhibitions but also online. ASEPHI's readiness to expand its network in the current era of the digital economy is to introduce INACRAFT Digital, a platform that is a clear proof of INACRAFT's transformational struggle with the MSME industry players of Indonesian handicraft producers. 
INACRAFT Digital is present through the concept of virtual exhibition, training and hybrid talk shows. ASEPHI's collaboration with Tokopedia is an initiative that accommodates hundreds of SMEs producing handicrafts and is expected to support efforts to promote handicraft products made by Indonesian SMEs and drive the digital economy. 

In addition to digital campaign with Tokopedia, ASEPHI will also hold a virtual exhibition on the official INACRAFT website ( Virtual digital campaign of INACRAFT Digital x Tokopedia Vol. 1 was performed with enthusiasm by presenting 1 million visitors with a target value of retail transactions up to Rp. 1,000,000,000,-. By accommodating 378 SMEs producing handicrafts from 45 participants at the INACRAFT Virtual Exhibition who are members of ASEPHI and assisted by PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk., Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, and Dekranasda of West Sumatra Province as well as 370 participants at INACRAFT Digital consisting of 17 BPD ASEPHI from the provinces of Aceh, North Sumatra, West Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Bali, Nusa Tenggara West, East Java, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Central Java, West Java, DKI Jakarta and Banten.

As a technology company that carries a mission to promote economic equality digitally, Tokopedia provides an opportunity for MSMEs producing local handicrafts to reach 100 million monthly active users on the Tokopedia platform. 

Tokopedia welcomes Tokopedia's collaboration with ASEPHI, in line with Tokopedia's commitment to #AlwaysAdaSelalubisa in accelerating the adoption of digital platforms for business activists, especially local MSMEs. 

The presence of the INACRAFT Digital campaign, which was carried out in collaboration with Tokopedia, is a form of real effort to support the national economic recovery during the pandemic. Local MSMEs who are members of INACRAFT Digital are part of more than 11 million sellers at Tokopedia, of which almost 100% are MSME business players.  

The alignment of commitments and visions to encourage the progress of MSMEs is reflected in the INACRAFT Digital x Tokopedia campaign. ASEPHI hopes, “Through the combination of the new face of Exhibition, it is hoped that the DIGITAL 2021 edition and the ON & OFF line HYBRID INACRAFT Virtual edition starting in 2022 can exceed the normal exhibition achievements.  On the other hand, we hope that INACRAFT x Tokopedia can open as many business and transaction opportunities as possible for local MSMEs to reach all parts of Indonesia. Because we believe we all love Indonesian products, and Go Digital is a must! HANDICRAFT CHAMPIONS, POWERFUL CRAFTERS."

The launch of INACRAFT Platform & INACRAFT Digital x Tokopedia Campaign Vol.1 by PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. where BNI as a pioneer, was sponsored by digital banking, which already has qualified digital services that can speed up transactions, financing disbursement process and other banking services. The Company is always proactive in supporting all forms of partner transformation with various business cooperation and empowerment programs.

"On this occasion, BNI invited several MSME partners to produce handicrafts in the fields of batik, songket, embroidery, traditional puppet (wayang), glass products, interiors, bags, wallets, and clothing to enliven the event while looking for greater collaboration opportunities. We hope this can be a momentum for the transformation of MSMEs as well as to increase the acceleration of performance recovery," he said at the event Virtual Exhibition 

To support the development of the Children of the Nation’s Creative Industry, BNI also organizes Credit Card, Debit Card, Debit Emerald promos, Tokopedia promos such as discounts of up to Rp. 1 million, 0% installments for up to 24 months and savings of up to 50% with BNI Rewards Points. BNI also held a special promo for, namely cashback up to IDR 300,000. 

The launch of INACRAFT Platform and INACRAFT Digital Campained was also supported by DOKU Indonesia.

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