BNI Launches E-Commerce Credit Card in Collaboration With JD.ID

BNI Launches E-Commerce Credit Card in Collaboration With JD.ID

Jakarta, 11 November 2021 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) collaborated with the e-commerce platform JD.ID to launch BNI JD.ID Credit Card. Through this collaboration, users can use BNI JD.ID Credit Card as a payment solution that provides various benefits and advantages, especially for those who like to shop online.

BNI JD.ID Credit Card was launched in Jakarta, Thursday (11 November 2021). The event was attended by BNI’s Consumer Business Director, Corina Leyla Karnalies, JD.ID’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Sandy Permadi, and the President Director of Visa Indonesia, Riko Abdurrahman.

Corina said that this collaboration is in line with the image of the BNI Credit Card, which is known to always provide innovation and convenience for its users and of course focus on changing transaction patterns to online and contactless. In addition, BNI Credit Cards always provide attractive promo programs, including promos for shopping at e-commerce. 

"BNI JD.ID Credit Card offers various forms of bonuses to provide more benefits for customers in every transaction made, especially when shopping at JD.ID. For new users who apply for a BNI JD.ID Credit Card, they will automatically get a welcome bonus of up to IDR 600,000," said Corina.

Users are also exempt from annual fees for the first two years from the card activation date. BNI JD.ID Credit Card users will also get 6% cashback for the purchases at JD.ID. 

Not only that, customers will also get bonus points for all transactions made up to 4 times. 
In the future, there will be more promo programs offered to customers to increase satisfaction and provide more benefits in shopping at JD.ID and transacting using BNI JD.ID Credit Card.
"So that customers can enjoy the promo to the fullest, we recommend that you immediately submit BNI JD.ID Credit Card application online via eform at," said Corina.

Meanwhile, Corina added that until September 2021, shopping payment transactions using BNI Credit Cards on the JD.ID platform itself experienced an increase of 4.3% year on year (yoy) which was inseparable from the significant changes in the new normal activity pattern.

Besides being able to be used for online transactions, BNI JD.ID Credit Card can also be used for offline transactions using an EDC machine safely because this card is equipped with Contactless technology from VISA. 

On this occasion, Sandy Permadi conveyed that a change in consumer spending behavior in Indonesia, especially in implementing a cashless culture, was one of the driving factors for JD.ID to collaborate with BNI.
JD.ID believes that our partner, BNI, has a mission that is in line with JD.ID to always innovate to provide the best service and new experiences for loyal customers. 

"By collaborating with BNI through the launch of BNI JD.ID Credit Card, we can provide better service and shopping satisfaction on the JD.ID platform, which is in line with the needs and preferences of consumers throughout Indonesia," said Sandy.

Riko conveyed that contactless technology has become commonplace in our lives, including enabling a fast, safe, and convenient way of paying, without touching. 

"In many countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, the adoption of contactless card payments is still relatively new but we see strong potential for growth. We are pleased to be working with BNI and JD.ID to encourage this growth, supporting the government's mission of cashless society," Riko said.

Globally, Riko explained that contactless or tap-to-pay Visa transactions have been growing and widely adopted. The Asia Pacific region is leading the adoption of contactless payments, where of the total Visa card transactions made face-to-face, more than 50% use contactless cards or the tap to pay method. 

In a number of destination countries for Indonesian tourists, such as Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Taiwan, the portion of contactless card payments accounts for more than 75% of the total face-to-face Visa card transactions.

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