BNI Wins Gold Sustainability Report Award

BNI Wins Gold Sustainability Report Award

Jakarta, 17 November 2021 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. won the Gold Rank Award at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating ASRRAT 2021 event. This achievement is in line with the commitment and management of BNI sustainability report governance.

As for this event was initiated by the National Center for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR) in conjunction with the Sustainability Practitioner Conference (SPC) activities.The Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating ASRRAT 2021 is an activity to award institutions that have successfully communicated sustainability performance to stakeholders through sustainability reports properly.

BNI's Corporate Secretary, Mucharom said BNI is a pioneer in green banking that integrates business programs as well as its empowerment with the 3 Pillars of SGD's principles, namely the economic, social and environmental pillars. Each of these activities is also documented and evaluated on a regular basis to see its positive impact.
"We appreciate the award that has been given by NCSR. Of course this will make us even more excited to continue to carry out the mission as a pioneer of green banking in Indonesia," he said.

Meanwhile, Arom said that BNI had recorded green loans with a value of Rp. 140.5 trillion or 24.7% of the total credit balance. The credit was mostly channeled to the development of the micro, small and medium segments worth Rp. 121 trillion and the ASPO/RSPO certified palm oil sector worth Rp. 13 trillion, and the new and renewable energy sector of Rp. 5.6 trillion, the rest is spread to the pollution handling and wastewater management sector.

Apart from that, Arom said that the implementation of sustainability principles is also reflected in the gender diversity of BNI employees, of which the female portion has reached 52%. The presence of women in top management has also reached 29%. "This means that women's career opportunities at BNI are as big and even more potential than men. This is certainly very good for creating a healthy competitive climate within the company," he added.

Furthermore, Arom said that BNI had implemented various community empowerment and development programs in terms of financial literacy, empowering family members, health, as well as farming training for farmers.
"We also have educational assistance programs, SOE houses, as well as community development assistance with very supportive fund allocations," he conveyed.

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