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Note BNI Service Schedule during Lebaran Holidays

Jakarta, 3 June 2019 --- BNI prepares maximum services to fulfill whatever people’s needs in transaction even in lebaran holidays. During the holy month of Ramadan until the highlight of Eid al-Fitr 1440 Hijri celebration becomes an important part in worship activities for muslim in the world, including in Indonesia.

Want to Make Transaction in Lebaran Holiday? Checkout First this BNI E-banking Promo

Jakarta, 3 June 2019 --- Having vacation is costing. So there is nothing wrong with checking BNI Electronic Banking (E-banking) promos and looking for savings opportunities. In addition to convenience, users of BNI's electronic banking services will also get additional blessings. This is possible because BNI has a special promo program for users of e-banking services.