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BNI Fleksi Pensiun

Retirement period becomes more meaningful

Realize a more beautiful and quiet retirement with BNI Flexibility Pension, soft loans from BNI for all your needs, specifically for prospective retirees and pensioners, participants of PT. TASPEN (Persero), PT. ASABRI (Persero), and other Collaborative Pension Institutions.


BNI Fleksi Pensiun is a soft loan credit facility provided Prospective Retirees and Pensioners who have fixed income, for consumptive purposes as long as they do not violate the applicable internal and external provisions.


  • Interesting features.
  • Mild interest rate.
  • Low cost.
  • Term of up to 15 years.
  • The participant’s maximum age at the credit settlement is 75 years.
  • No medical check up.


Documents Pensioner Prospective Retiree
Photocopy of Applicant’s KTP.
Photocopy of current account/savings account for the last 3 months (applies to payroll payments that have not been through BNI or if received by cash/non bank).
Original Salary Slip (or Pension Benefit) Monthly/Proof of other income.
Photocopy of NPWP.
Photocopy of RC loan/affiliation account of the last 6 (six) months. *)
Photocopy of the latest decree on Periodic Salary Increas (KGB). **)
Original Decree on the appointment of PNS/TNI/POLRI/First Decree.
Original of the last Decree when the employee was active PNS/TNI/POLRI/Last Decree.
Original Decree of pension. ***)
The latst Passport Photo.
Proof of arrangement of pension benefit payer office (for applicants whose pension benefits have not been paid by BNI).
Form SPP/FPP and SP3R.
Fixed income estimation document.
*)   Specifically for BNI Fleksi Pensiun - Take Over.
**)   To calculate the estimated applicant's pension benefits manually.
***)   Specifically for prospective retirees, submitted after retirement.