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BNI Taplus Anak Student Card

BNI Taplus Anak Co-Brand

BNI Taplus Anak Student Card is a saving product with special card design which is provided to students of schools which cooperate with BNI and aims to educate children to learn saving, and functions as Debit/ATM Card and Student Identity Card.

Benefit of BNI Taplus Anak Student Card

  1. For School :
    • Have a sense of pride because students can have a Student Identity Card with a school logo that also functions as a Debit/ATM Card.
    • Educate student to aware of saving since early age.
  2. For Student :
    • Has BNI Taplus Anak saving, with saving book and card on behalf of the child himself.

Benefit of BNI Taplus Anak Saving

  1. Saving book and Debit/ATM Card on behalf of the child himself.
  2. Special design Debit/ATM card from school.
  3. Free of administration charge.
  4. Subsequent deposit starts from Rp 10.000,-.
  5. Service access of BNI SMS Banking.
  6. Can save through BNI Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) so free from queuing in any branch.
  7. SMS notification for Parents for each child’s transaction.

Cooperation Requirement for School

  1. School has minimum amount of student of 500 persons and all of them must open BNI Taplus Anak accounts.
  2. School is willing to open an operational account in BNI.
  3. School is willing to sign Cooperation Agreement with BNI for a period of minimum 3 (three) years.
  4. Type of Card :
    • Debit Card Only; or
    • Combo Debit Card of BNI Electronik Money (TapCash).
  5. Provision of BNI Taplus Anak :

    Minimum amount of initial deposit

    Rp 100.000,-

    Prime Card Fee and Card Change due to Lost/Damage

    • Debit Card Only : Rp 15.000,-.
    • Debit Card Combo TapCash : Rp 35.000,-.