BNI New York

BNI New York

Bank Negara Indonesia New York branch is one of the first Indonesian banks to open in New York City. Acquired first-time license as Representative Office in 1978, BNI New York increased its status as a agency and started to run its business and operational activities since August 1983 then and continue to run well until now.

BNI New York has been through various trials and hard times, especially during the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the financial crisis in the United States in 2008, when most banks from Indonesia shut down its operations, BNI New York still stands upright and operates up to this day.

Business Activities that we provide are :

  • Lending Activities, such as :
    1. Investment and Working Capital Loan to Corporate and Commercial Business.
    2. Participating in Syndicated Loans.
    3. Granting Trade Facilities.
  • Treasury Activities, conduct asset and liability management through money market transactions, foreign exchange, capital markets, repurchase agreement operation (Repo), and derivative transactions. BNI through its New York agency is the first Indonesian Bank that offers short term investment products through the issuance of USD Certificate of Deposit (CD) for global market.
  • Remittance Activities, providing money transfer services both domestic and international transactions to corporate and Individual customers.
  • Depository Correspondent Activities, as a member of USD Fedwire Clearing House, BNI New York offers the USD correspondent banking account business to Indonesian Banks to caters both commercial and bank to bank payment transactions.

One Exchange Plaza 5th Floor,
55 Broadway New York,
NY 10006, USA.
P : +1 212 943 4750.
F : +1 212 344 5723.