BNI Launches Sahabat Ibuprenuer

BNI Launches Sahabat Ibuprenuer

Jakarta, 22 December 2021 – Women’s contribution in improving the performance of national micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) has proven to be significant. In fact, the government continues to strive to increase the contribution of these women in order to open more new growth niches in the period of national economic recovery.

Coinciding on 22 December 2021, when the Indonesian people commemorate Mother's Day, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI saw an opportunity to encourage the spirit of mothers to play a role in the economy of their families and surrounding communities. The strengthening of the economic role is carried out through BNI-fostered SOE houses spread across various cities in Indonesia, through the Sahabat Ibupreneur Program.

The Corporate Secretary of BNI, Mucharom conveyed, Mother’s Day is a special day for Indonesian families, because it represents women's support in building a family. Mother's Day is not only intended for women who have families and have children, but productive women as a whole. Moreover, women are required to be able to further develop themselves and increase their role socially and economically.

Mucharom explained that Sahabat Ibupreneur is a term for the Indonesian women's community who are members of the BNI-fostered SOE House. Members of this community consist of female micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), the general public, housewives, and even career women who want to develop entrepreneurial skills with SOE Houses.

"Sahabat Ibupreneur was launched in 10 SOE houses fostered by BNI that already have an E-Commerce platform as a means of selling in addition to offline sales. The 10 cities of SOEs are Padang, Tanjung Balai Karimun, Bekasi, Tegal, Wanogiri, Ngawi, Pontianak, Bantaeng, Southwest Sumba, and Ternate SOE Houses," he said. Sahabat Ibupreneur participants may come from various regions in Indonesia.

Only by registering themselves, they can sell as resellers without capital and will get attractive commissions from each product sold and can participate in various training programs to start selling MSME products. Even for a Sahabat Ibupreneur participant who successfully sells products with the highest sales transactions and sales volume, has the opportunity to get a total prize of up to Rp. 50 million.

Sahabat Ibupreneur registration is starting right on Mother's Day celebration, which is on 22 December 2021. Participants can access registration through the Instagram account @rumahbumn.bni. One of the requirements is to have an age range of 22 to 55 years. The duration of the Sahabat Ibupreneur program is 22 December 2021 to 21 April 2022, in conjunction with Kartini Day next year.

Furthermore, Mucharom conveyed, the performance development of SOE houses fostered by BNI so far is quite significant. MSME products from BUMN Houses are very diverse and are liked by the public, especially regional culinary products, crafts, and fashion. In fact, there are also BNI fostered partners that BNI is able to facilitate to penetrate global markets such as the Middle East and South Korea.

Through this Sahabat Ibupreneur program, BNI provides opportunities for Indonesian women to be part of sales or become resellers for SOE house products. "By becoming a reseller, we hope that more of these MSME products can be enjoyed by consumers. Reseller mothers can also enjoy a margin to strengthen their family's economy," he added.

Working Capital Prize Up to Rp 50 million

For Sahabat Ibupreneur, participants who successfully sell products with the highest sales transactions and volume sales, have the opportunity to get a total prize of up to Rp 50 million, which can be used as working capital.

In addition to launching Sahabat Ibupreneur, Mucharom said the BNI-fostered SOE house will conduct online classes via Instagram. Through this program, inspirational young entrepreneurs will be shown to become young entrepreneurs who are successful in running their businesses.

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