Present in Amsterdam, BNI Can Work on Trade of US5.47 billion

Present in Amsterdam, BNI Can Work on Trade of US5.47 billion

Jakarta, 21 May 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI (stock code: BBNI) is considered to have great potential to work on Indonesia-Dutch trade worth US$5.47 billion with the opening of a network in Amsterdam. 

Indonesian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mayerfas appreciated BNI's efforts to inaugurate the opening of a representative office in Amsterdam as a strategy to develop the company's global business network.  

Moreover, Mayerfas argued, the business potential in the windmill country is very large with the total trade value between the two countries in 2021 reaching US$5.47 billion.  

From this figure, Indonesia's exports to the Netherlands reached US$4.63 billion and experienced a trade surplus of US$3.78 billion, an increase of 64% compared to 2020.  

"Because the Netherlands is the gateway for Indonesian products to enter the European Union," said Mayerfas.  

Meanwhile, in terms of investment, Mayerfas said that many Dutch investors invest in Indonesia. So it can be said that the relationship between the two countries is very strong.  

In addition, he also revealed that currently there are around 1.7 million people in the Netherlands who have ties to Indonesia because of its history. This is an opportunity for BNI to develop and encourage the Indonesian economy to be stronger.  

"BNI's move is right, especially there is already an Indonesian Employers Association (ASPINA) which has around 500-600 members. We believe that BNI's presence can support the diaspora playing its role in encouraging greater economic transactions," he explained. 

BNI Corporate Secretary Mucharom said the opening of a representative office in the Netherlands is one of the company's efforts to expand its overseas business performance in line with the trend of global economic recovery.  

The high volume of trade (export-import) transactions between the Netherlands and Indonesia, the flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Indonesia, as well as the potential for Indonesian related business, are the reasons for the Company's presence in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  

In addition, the large population of Indonesian diaspora in the Netherlands plays a very important role in supporting various business activities, including corporations, MSMEs, and various global retail transaction businesses in the future.  

"This overseas Diaspora population is a very potential business niche in the Company's international business ecosystem. Currently, the company is a bank from Indonesia that has the widest overseas network," said Mucharom.  

The Company believes that the Diaspora population in the Netherlands is a tremendous potential for Indonesia, because it can be a source of strength for the Indonesian economy, including the large amount of remittances sent to Indonesia.  

Currently overseas Diaspora can access services provided by the Company, including opening a Diaspora savings account without visiting a branch or Diaspora Saving through BNI Mobile Banking platform, Diaspora Lending, trade finance transactions, bank guarantees and other services.


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