QRIS Trend Increases, People are Enthusiastic with BNI Innovation

QRIS Trend Increases, People are Enthusiastic with BNI Innovation

Jakarta, 14 June 2022 -- The momentum of increasing mobility and public consumption this year has become a blessing for all national payment transaction channels. People are more comfortable and like to make non-cash transactions using Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS).

This can be seen from BNI Java Jazz Festival 2022 performance. In which the payment method via QRIS was recorded to have increased by 417.6%. During the event period, transaction volume was recorded at Rp 5.7 billion, an increase of 21.9% from BNI Java Jazz 2020 transaction volume.

Chairman of Committee 2 of the Indonesian Payment System Association (ASPI), Abraham Josef Adriaansz even admitted, the increase in QRIS transaction volume occurred apart from the convenience of customers, the source of funds could be multi-instrument, ranging from EU server-based, debit, credit cards and others.

"So the volume after the pandemic rose sharply. The development of digital payment standards in the future is not static and will continue to be more diverse with adequate security," he explained.

He also highlighted the increase in BNI's QRIS transaction volume. According to him, this happened in line with BNI's efforts to uniform innovation to support the standard of using QRIS. It also received a positive response and appreciation from the community.

"Of course BNI has taken advantage of the QRIS standard and the diversity of funding sources with BNI innovations so that the public response is very enthusiastic," he explained.

Meanwhile, ASPI Chairman, Santoso Liem also admitted, the increase in the use of QRIS occurred because its use was very easy and supported by cellphones.

Moreover, cellphone penetration in Indonesia is very large, so he estimates that QRIS transactions will continue to increase. Even in the future it is not impossible that in the future QRIS can be used for transfers, to cash withdrawals.

"Using Cellphone as an issuance is certainly easier than cards (CC, debit). In the future, QRIS will continue to increase. We believe QRIS will continue to grow, not only static but also dynamic. In the future, QRIS is not only for payments, but also later it can be used for transfers, cash withdrawals. Its use will also be more massive in the future," explained Santoso Liem.

On the other hand, BNI Corporate Secretary Mucharom previously said that the increase in digital transactions during Jazz music events occurred in all products.

According to him, BNI Tapcash electronic money transactions rose 12.9%. Meanwhile, debit cards increased by 53%, and credit cards increased by 53.4%.

"We are satisfied with the completion of BNI Java Jazz 2022. We see that the digital transaction adaptation of the community continues to occur and is getting more mature. The achievement of this transaction performance is also BNI's capital to record better performance in the second quarter of this year," he said.

Mucharom continued that at the biggest jazz concert in Indonesia, BNI not only prepared digital channels, but also strengthened the Bank end information technology system. This is considered to have helped encourage the transaction bubble at the event so that it can run smoothly.

Beyond that, he said, the payment ecosystem at concerts is encouraged to use digital transactions accompanied by various promos and attractive attention programs.

"With the combination of the operational system and the right attention program, BNI as one of the pioneers of digital banking is able to answer all transaction needs very smoothly," he said.


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