2 Decades of AML-CFT, INTRAC and BNI Plant Trees

2 Decades of AML-CFT, INTRAC and BNI Plant Trees

Jakarta, 21 June 2022 -- The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing Terrorism (AML-CFT) movement has been running for twenty years. Not only complying, the banking industry players are proactive in creating various preventive measures in preventing money laundering and terrorism financing.

Commemorating this historic commitment milestone, the Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (INTRAC) and PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) planted 2,000 tree seedlings in several domestic areas of BNI and several overseas branches of BNI which were symbolically carried out at Anyer Beach, Banten.

This event was attended directly by the Head of INTRAC Ivan Yustiavandana, and BNI President Director Royke Tumilaar at Anyer Beach, Tuesday. (21/6/2022).

The Head of INTRAC Ivan Yustiavandana appreciated BNI for the initiation of the AML-CFT two-decade commemoration. According to him, this event reminds all parties that money laundering and terrorism financing can also harm all sectors including the environment which will actually threaten the sustainability of nature.

"We appreciate BNI for being proactive in helping to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing. This is one of the barometers of integrity, considering that the integrity of the nation's successors must continue to be built," he said.

Ivan said this activity is a series of 20 years or two decades of AML-CFT Indonesia. He explained that INTRAC had received reports of up to 50,000 transactions per hour. This also shows that the need for legal transformation is so fast that it can follow the transformation of information technology.

However, the basic principle is that INTRAC maintains Indonesia's sustainability for future generations. This is intended so that the integrity of the Indonesian financial system is not compromised by assets resulting from criminal acts.

However, the basic principle is, INTRAC maintains sustainability. He continued, tree planting is also one of the INTRAC program developments in money laundering and terrorism financing. Moreover, there are still many domestic business actors who exploit nature illegally and excessively, causing a lot of natural damage.

"The development of AML-CFT is indeed very fast. So indeed we received directions from President Joko Widodo to oversee various criminal acts that are in the green financial crime segment," he said.

Royke said that the enforcement of AML-CF at BNI is one of the important pillars in BNI's operations. As a bank, BNI is obliged to keep every transaction made free from various allegations that harm the community at large.

BNI also fully supports the application of prudent principle that can protect service providers and service users from various risks that may arise.

BNI has the assignments and responsibilities of the board of directors as well as active supervision of the board of commissioners, written policies and procedures, a clear risk management process, good human resource management, as well as an internal control system.

"We are committed to supporting the AML-CFT Movement. We are grateful for all the directions from INTRAC. BNI has also formed a stronger internal system, as well as instilling the character of MORAL," he said.

Environmentalist Community

With the spirit of Go Green, Royke continued that BNI is also a member of environmentalist community who is active and proactive in participating in organizing various activities to help restore natural and environmental functions.

In Mega Mendung area, we and the community have succeeded in reforesting more than 30 hectares of barren land.

"In Anyer Banten and the Upper Citarum River Basin, BNI assisted in the nursery of around 300,000 trees aimed at restoring nature in the area," he added.

Royke continued that the positive green financing performance, supported by high social and environmental concerns, as well as excellent Corporate Governance practices, has driven BNI's ESG rating increase from Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) to A since November 2021.

"Rating A is currently the highest among Indonesian banks, as well as confirming our position as a pioneer in the implementation of sustainable finance," he added.


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