76th Anniversary, BNI Strengthens Global Busines

76th Anniversary, BNI Strengthens Global Busines

Jakarta, Tuesday 5 July 2022 -- The 76th Anniversary celebration is a momentum to strengthen the commitment of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI as a global bank from Indonesia. The positive performance achievement of global Banking services as well as a strategic plan is the capital of this state-owned bank with BBNI stock code to continue to improve its existence in the international arena.

Throughout January–May 2022, BNI has managed to record very good export transaction volume growth, with an annual growth of 30.62%. Total overseas branch loans were recorded at US$ 3.9 billion, a very proud 18% year-on-year increase.

BNI President Commissioner Agus Dermawan Wintarto Martowardojo said that since the beginning, BNI had been designed as a bank in Indonesia with an international network and global capacity.

Seventy-six years ago, on 5 July 1946, in the midst of the blazing fire of the struggle for independence, the government established Bank Negara Indonesia as the circulation bank or the state-owned central bank of the Republic of Indonesia.

Since 1955, BNI has operated as a commercial bank and immediately took on the role of a global capability bank by opening its first overseas branch in Singapore. In 1959 it opened a representative office in Tokyo, Japan, and in 1963 the BNI Hong Kong Branch was opened.

“Happy 76th anniversary Bank Negara Indonesia. Today is also one of the historical records that we should be proud of," said Agu.

BNI President Director Royke Tumilaar said BNI had traveled to various countries to help partners develop their business to a higher level. Of course, the Company will be more aggressive in helping customers find stronger growth potential through various networks as well as banking solutions that it has.

He said that these seventy-six years were an opportunity to prove BNI as an agile financial institution, able to adapt when faced with new challenges, which in fact, if used properly, it can be utilized as an opportunity to achieve success.

"In the celebration of BNI's 76th Anniversary this year, we raised the theme 'BNI for Stronger Indonesia' which means to describe BNI's journey of working for Indonesia in supporting economic recovery after the pandemic, so that BNI can leap higher, make BNI stronger and grow sustainably," he said.

Royke explained that recently BNI has succeeded in opening a branch office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to help penetrate the export market in several countries in the European region.

"To further expand our network in our efforts to capture foreign potentials, we still have plans to open more branches in the future," he said.

To support all these strategic steps, Royke said, BNI has 3 champion products. First, BNI Mobile Banking. BNI continues to expand services by utilizing BNI Group ecosystem, retailers, and Global Partners, especially in responding to customer demands in this modern digital era of banking.

Second, BNI has BNI Xpora program. This SOE focuses on encouraging the class raise of MSME players by taking advantage of various export opportunities outside the global market. BNI has also built a strong business base abroad by optimizing the diaspora segment, which has become Indonesia's promoting agent overseas.

Third, BNI has Corporate Digital Services, one of which is BNIDirect, which integrates business solutions and customer financial management, including international banking business solutions.

The target customers of this service include corporate, commercial and small business customers as well as startups including foreign businessmen who have business partners in Indonesia, Indonesian businessmen whose business reach overseas and/or have business groups overseas, representatives of the Indonesian government who exist overseas as well as Indonesian Diaspora.

"Especially for BNIDirect, we will launch BNIDirect Overseas London and CxO Dashboard (a consolidated financial information service for assets, liquidity and liabilities of the Company and its business groups at home and overseas)," he concluded.

BNI's Action to Help MSMEs Go Global

Throughout this year, several concrete steps have been taken by BNI to encourage MSMEs to Go Global, starting from collaborating with TradeBeyond Limited, the largest e-commerce platform in Hong Kong.

This collaboration is intended to find space for local MSMEs to get the direct attention of the people in Hong Kong and several countries that use the application.

BNI also cooperates with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) or the Indonesian International Chamber of Commerce in order to strengthen the capacity and marketing network of MSME Go Global. BNI has become the preferred bank for optimizing all overseas branch offices whose coverage is almost all over the world.

Furthermore, the Company has also built cooperation with the Korean Imported Association (KOIMA) in terms of strengthening the database, as well as organizing more intensive business matching between Indonesia and the K-Pop country.

To strengthen financing, Fourth, BNI also cooperates with Lembaga Pembiayaan Ekspor Indonesia (LPEI). BNI collaborates with this institution known as EximBank in terms of financing the fast track scheme with a maximum financing facility of up to Rp 25 billion.

"To increase exports of MSME players, BNI has recruited communities of diaspora MSME players in New York, Hong Kong, Korea, and Amsterdam. In fact, BNI has started to disburse diaspora loans, which we will continue to encourage in the future," he said.


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