Digital Banking Drives BNI's CASA Expansion

Digital Banking Drives BNI's CASA Expansion

Jakarta, Wednesday (26/10/2022) -- Digital transformation continues to provide revenue support as well as performance stability to the banking industry. PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI also succeeded in driving the performance of BNI Mobile Banking and BNIDirect Cash Management to strengthen the transaction business as well as increase sticky Current Account Saving Account (CASA).

BNI Mobile Banking transaction value was able to grow 27.3% Year-on-Year (YoY) to Rp 569 trillion and Cash Management grew 38% YoY to Rp 4,114 trillion mainly driven by BNI Direct.  

This transaction performance has driven the strengthening of the Current Account Savings Account (CASA) to a ratio of 70.9% in the third quarter of 2022. As for 61% of the outstanding savings came from mobile banking and 94% of the outstanding wholesale funds came from cash management customers.

BNI Corporate Secretary Okki Rushartomo said that the success achieved by the company is the sweet fruit of BNI's efforts to maintain trust while providing more comprehensive banking solutions through digitization. BNI is able to provide seemles services through digital channels to both retail and institutional customers.

As a result, BNI continues to be able to strengthen transaction business revenue as well as an increase in more sticky public funds.

"We thank all customers who have trusted BNI. Of course, this achievement is our contribution to the country to encourage economic strengthening on a digital basis," he said.

Okki conveyed that BNI Mobile Banking is able to become the dominant banking channel for customers by offering many new features to meet all banking needs such as digital loans, investments to international remittances. In the meantime, BNIDirect Cash Management is able to cover the needs of institutional customers in one integrated portal.

"We take great pride in leading every digital initiative. Instead of focusing on specific products, we believe in empowering digital solutions for every customer need," he said.

Don’t Give OTP, CCV, and Expired Date

Okki continued that in the midst of improving the performance of digital banking customers, the company is also increasingly intensive in providing socialization in order to increase customer prudence in transactions.

Moreover, there are still many customers who are vulnerable to being tricked by those responsible for being asked for some key information such as one time password (OTP), Card Verification Value (CCV), and Expired Date of the bank card.

Through the official BNI46 Instagram account, the company shared an interesting video related to the recommendation to protect important data. The short video can be watched at:

"Of course, the need for online transactions will continue to increase. Moreover, online transactions are convenient, easy, and cheap. However, we still need to be careful. Do Not Give OTP, CCV, and Expired Date," he said.


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