BNI and PNP present best startups in BNI Corporate Day 2019

Jakarta, March 15, 2019 --- The challenge faced by BNI in this era of Industry 4.0 is to be able to successfully emerge as a provider of digital banking services for customers and the public. In collaboration with Plug and Play Indonesia (PNP), BNI recently presented Indonesia's best startups and fintechs event, BNI Corporate Day 2019. Through this event, the collaboration of BNI group and startups was expected to improve existing services and accelerate the emergence of new services for the wider community.

BNI Corporate Day 2019 was held at BNI DigiCafe, BNI Tower, at Pejompongan, Jakarta, on March 15th. In this event visitors held discussions with all the startups and fintech companies who were present in a relaxed atmosphere, while enjoying food and drink from food stalls. The payment mode that they used was very easy, employing as it did up-to-date payment facilities like TapCash, debit cards, credit cards and other payment facilities through BNI's digital channels.

Over 20 startups took part including ATM Sehat, Bandingin, BFarm, Bizhare, Coinhako, DanaDidik, Emvazo, Evete, Indogold,, Logicnesia, Madhang, Magpie, Pay OK, Piniship, Policypal, Rara Delivery, Redkendi, Truescore datanest, and Vymo. These startup companies cover various types of industries and services such as payment services, cryptocurrency, remittances, franchises, logistics, agriculture, insurance, sales analytics, health, cosmetics and the culinary sectors.

Dadang Setiabudi, director of TI & BNI operations, acted as the host for the event. Dadang hoped that BNI's effective cooperation with PNP could be fully developed to support businesses, as well as to encourage innovation among all employees. Furthermore, with collaborative synergies, BNI is expected to be able to support the startups to grow bigger and become better known and to participate in building the Indonesian economy in the future.

In the BNI Corporate Day 2019 event, BNI also introduced the use of Application Programming Interface (API) from BNI management technology, which will make the interconnection process faster, easier and safer between BNI services and digital ecosystems such as the startup ecosystem, fintechs, marketplaces and smart cities.


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