Polri Cooperating with BNI to Realize Digitalization of Preferred Number Plate PNBP Deposits

Jakarta, 7 November 2019 --- Taking place in Kuta, Bali, Wednesday Night (6 November 2019), Traffic Corps (Korlantas) of the Indonesian National Police (POLRI) held the launching of National Chouse NRKB by Online Registration (ROPILNAS). The launch was a series of annual events of the Indonesian National Police Traffic Corridor, namely the 2019 Fiscal Traffic Function Technical Working Meeting with the theme "Traffic Police Promoter in implementing Road Safety Policing towards Advanced Indonesia”.

The event was attended by the National Police Chief, Inspector General Refdi Andri, the Institutional Relations Director of BNI, Adi Sulistyowati, the Director of Jasa Raharja, Budi Rahardjo S, Himbara Officers, main Korlantas Polri officials, and Directorate of Traffic (Ditlantas) Regional Police (Polda) throughout Indonesia.

At the age of 64, the National Police Traffic Corps continues to make various innovations. After successfully launching the Smart SIM last September, this Rakernis activity has re-displayed various Digitalisation services innovations. One of them is ROPILNAS (National Preferred NRKB by Online Registration), which was prepared by the National Police Traffic Police in order to facilitate services to public.

"So far many people have complained of difficulties in getting the Preferred Police Number/preferred NRKB. However, thanks to the collaboration with BNI, we today inaugurated a new innovation, namely the ease of payment of the NRKB Options digitally, to make it easier, faster, accurate, and informative," Refdi said during the event.

Now the people who want a preferred number plate for their vehicles, the process is very easy, which is enough to come to Car Dealer (for new cars) or the BPKB service office (for old cars). By using ROPILNAS tools or Kiosk available at the place, the applicant can choose the desired police number in accordance with the domicile/or Residential Identity Card (KTP). If the preferred number has not been used or is still available, the applicant can directly fill in the e-form on the Kiosk or ROPILNAS with personal data such as NIK, Cellphone Number & Email Address, then the applicant will get a barcode booking code for police numbers and BNI virtual account numbers for later make payments through various Cashless Banking channels such as Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, ATM & Teller, or BNI Outlets or other banks.

"In cooperation with BNI, the Preferred NRKB Online Registration service has been running in five Regional Police Offices, namely Central Java, North Sumatra, Lampung, Riau and Banten. Furthermore, it will run also in phase two in the next year on 14 Regional Police Offices and the third phase 15 Regional Police. In the end, all Polda can use Preferred NRKB Online Registration. Thank you to BNI who continues to assist the (Korlantas) in carrying out a variety of digitization services to the community," explained the Traffic Corps Head.

Meanwhile, Adi Sulistyowati who is familiarly called Susi said, "In accordance with our commitment, BNI is ready to support the efforts of the National Police Traffic Police who continue to carry out digital innovations to improve traffic services for the community, so as to achieve Road Safety for traffic users towards Advanced Indonesia," she said.

Susi also added that the presence of Ropilnas or Preferred NRKB Online Registration initiated by the National Police Traffic Corps, became an answer or solution to the demands of the public who were so eager to make payments easier, when searching for the preferred number for their motorized vehicles. Payment of PNBP in Cashless is a non-cash payment using a virtual account pay code, this is an effort to support the programs and instructions of the President, the National Police Chief and the National Police Traffic Police to avoid corruption, robbery, theft, and counterfeit money.

From now on, for people who want a preferred number for their motorized vehicles or often called beautiful number plate, please take advantage of existing ROPILNAS facilities at Car dealer and or the local BPKB service office that is easy, fast, accurate, and informative.

BNI as a Government Bank that is always innovating and by carrying out digitalization in its services is ready to support the National Police Traffic Police digitalization programs to improve traffic services. BNI also makes it easy for people to get traffic services, such as Samsat Online program, to smart SIM. 


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