BNI ITB Ultra Marathon - Tribute to ITB

Jakarta, 3 October 2019 --- BNI, ITB and the Solidarity Forever Foundation, again hold BNI - ITB Ultra Marathon for the third time in this 2019, and will be held on 11 – 13 October 2019. BNI ITB Ultra marathon which in 2017 and 2018 covered a distance of 170 Km, in 2019 this distance was increased to 200 Km, starting from Grha BNI Jakarta to finish at ITB Ganesa Bandung Campus via Puncak.

BNI ITB Ultra Marathon, on every year implementation shows an increase in participant interest. For 2019, the number of participants has increased three times compared to the initial year of the event, which is a total of around 6,000 ultra marathon and fun run participants. "This shows that public interest in this ultra marathon event is increasing, and of course BNI as the Title Sponsor of this event will continue to support this positive activity," said Adi Sulistyowati, the Institutional & Transactional Relations Director of BNI.

In this momentum, BNI and ITB Alumni Association also collaborate to issue ITB Alumni Association Membership Cards based on a combo card, which is 1 (one) card with a dual function as a debit card and prepaid card (Tapcash). It is expected that by having IA ITB member cards, the alumni will get better benefits, not just having a membership card, but can also be used for transactional including donations to the alma mater through the ITB Endowment Fund.

In this year BNI invites 3 (three) subsidiaries namely BNI Life, BNI Asset Management and BNI Syariah, to participate in enlivening BNI ITB Ultra Marathon 2019. BNI Life provides life protection to participants started from 11-13 October 2019 with the coverage of Rp 20 million, to provide safety and comfort during the participation. BNI Asset Management provides promo purchases for ITB Harmoni BNI-AM Mutual Funds. BNI-AM as an Investment Manager that is trusted to manage ITB Harmoni Mutual Funds. This Mutual Fund is a type of Fixed Income Mutual Fund that aims to get interest and appreciation of the principal value. Investing in ITB Harmoni BNI-AM Mutual Funds is very easy, because investors can buy & sell at any time.

On this event, 100 first people who purchase ITB Harmoni BNI-AM Mutual Fund, will get Rp 100,000 in the form of participation unit of the same product. This Mutual Fund can be bought at Mutual Fund Seller Agent (APERD) Fintech namely Invisee. Invisee was chosen as APERD Fintech because potential investors can easily buy only through an online application on smart phone.

By investing at ITB Harmoni BNI-AM Nutual Fund, You do not only get benefit from the investment for yourself but you also donate to ITB to provide scholarships for underprivileged students and campus development.

This year Marathon participants receive more prizes from BNI Life in the form of Life Insurance Cover to all winners of the marathon category with a total coverage of Rp. 6,060,000,000, - besides, BNI Syariah as part of BNI Group synergy and manifestation of Hasanah Banking Partner, also supports by giving a Prize of 2 (two) umrah packages for the first winner of the men's and women's 200K Ultra Marathon.

This activity is also a way to stay in touch with ITB alumni involving various classes, departments, activity units, even lecturers, staff, and students. Not only those who became runners, but also team of supporters and donors. As a series of activities to welcome ITB's 100th or 1 (one) century anniversary in 2020, this activity is held to invite the general public to participate as participants and also become ultra marathon enthusiasts, specifically to raise awareness and ownership of alumni ITB to its alma mater.

"This activity helps the education fund subsidies that must be provided by ITB, because only about 30% of students can afford to pay their full tuition fees. This activity has succeeded in raising funds to date of more than 2 billion Rupiah which will be submitted directly to ITB. The encouraging thing is that this fund has been collected by 3,000 fundraisers from 5,000 donors, so that it can be said that many people have supported the purpose of this activity. Of course, it can not be separated from the full support of BNI which has been the main sponsor of ITB Ultra Marathon since the first year of implementation in 2017 and will continue until 2020, welcoming the 100th anniversary of ITB. Because for BNI, ITB has been a strategic partner of BNI for decades and is also a long-term partner," said Ir. Susilo Siswoutomo, the Chairperson of the Solidarity Forever Foundation (YSF), as the organizer of this activity.

BNI ITB 200 Kilometer Ultra Marathon activity is a series of activities to welcome ITB's 100th or 1 (one) century anniversary in 2020, in general it is held to invite the general public to participate as participants and also become enthusiasts of ultra marathon, specifically to raise awareness and ownership of ITB alumni in their alma mater. One form of alumni care for the alma mater is that marathon participants are expected to be able to raise a minimum of Rp. 300,000, - for each runner, where the collected funds will be handed over to ITB to help fund education for underprivileged students.

Around the information on BNI ITB Ultra Marthon, it has 4 categories of activities namely Competition (with prizes), Festival and Fun Run. The competition category is opened for ultra marathon who runs above 42 kilometers, whole for the festival category is non-ultra marathon which is relay 9 and relay 18 runners. While for Fun Run is to run with 5-kilometer mileage.

For competition category, there are 3 types of competitions namely:
1. Men’s and Women’s Solo 200 K

2. Men’s and Women’s Relay 2x 100 K

3. Men’s and Women’s Relay 4 x 50 k

For festival category, there are 2 events namely:
1. Relay 9 x 23 K

2. Relay 18 x 12 K

While the 5K Fun Run was held to welcome the arrival of ultra marathon runners Jakarta - Bandung, who will take the starting position from West Java PLN Distribution Office on Jalan Asia Afrika, Bandung, to ITB Campus, JalanGanesha 10, Bandung.

In 2017, runner participants of the relay 16 festival category, meaning that 1 team consisted of 16 people running 11 Km per person, 41 teams were recorded, in 2018 it increased to 98 teams or 1,568 participants. Whereas in 2019, relay 18 were 151 teams or 2,700 participants.

Why 200 K? The number 200 is a reflection of 100 years of ”looking backward” to whatever have been made and achieved by  ITB during the period and 100 years of ”moving forward”, to whatever target to be made and produced by ITB within the next century. Therefore, this ultra marathon competition and festival describe long struggle and tirelessly of the ITB alumni, since they studied hard and spartan in college, until now working hard to build their nation.

The message to be conveyed to the public is that developing this country requires hard work and extraordinary perseverance like an ultra marathon runner. Running an ultra marathon as far as 200K which is very heavy was actually not felt, hard work and perseverance alone was not enough. Cooperation is still needed among all elements of the nation. That's why in this event the Relay 18 category was also held, to illustrate the need for close and collaborative cooperation to conquer the long and steep route between Jakarta and Bandung as far as 200K.


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