Strengthening Physical Distancing, Indonesian Workers in Singapore Use BNI MoRe

Jakarta, 27 March 2020 --- The spread impact of COVID-19 which attacks all aspects of human life, including financial aspects, makes various financial institutions such as banks continue to try to maximize customers’ needs.

The physical distancing method, which is expected to be one way out to break the spread chain of COVID-19, no doubt makes banking transactions in bank offices must be reduced. However, banking companies also continue to provide solutions to maintain economic wheels.

As a government bank with the most extensive global branch network, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk to this day is certain to continue to operate and also provide protection for its customers and employees.

In Singapore for example, BNI branch office still operates and serves banking transactions for all customers. Following the direction of the Ministry of Health of Singapore and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, BNI has also implemented various precautionary steps at the branch office.

To protect customers, the management applies prevention actions such as social and physical distancing or limiting one meter minimum distance between queued customers, limiting the number of customers who can enter the banking hall area at the same time, providing hand sanitizers at all banking hall locations, and measuring body temperature and filling out a travel declaration form. Three BNI outlets in Singapore have also been reorganized to accommodate the conditions set by the Singapore government.

In addition to apply prevention actions at the branch office area, BNI Singapore facilitate banking transactions, especially for Indonesian migrant workers who are loyal customers. The BNI MoRe remittance application, which was launched in 2018, is now monitored, increasingly being used by Indonesian migrant workers in Singapore.

This can be seen from the increasing number of downloaders of the BNI MoRe application since the end of January 2020. The number of downloaders recorded until the third week of March 2020 rose by around 10% compared to January 2020. Meanwhile, the number of transactions in the same period rose by almost 50%.

This BNI MoRe application certainly makes it easy for customers to make money transfer transactions at their respective residence and automatically conduct social and physical distancing.

To more increase the use of BNI MoRe, BNI Singapore now offers special program in the form of remittance fee reduction and free top-up to new customers who activate BNI MoRe of amounting to SGD10 during the period of 29 March to 30 April 2020.

“BNI Singapore continues to operate normally by implementing precautionary steps to protect customers and employees. To ensure smooth transactions, we ask customers to actively contact us by phone or visit BNI Singapore social media to get updates on the office services and operations. The Indonesian migrant workers in Singapore no need to worry about the condition of COVID-19 because remittance services for families in Indonesia can still be done using BNI MoRe which is safe, easy, cheap, and flexible,” said the Deputy General Manager of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk Singapore Branch, Irwan Febryansyah. 


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