BNI Continues 30,000 Free Swab Test Program in South Sumatra

Jakarta, 8 June 2020 --- Swab Test is one of the important weapons in a joint effort to suppress the spread of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19). On that basis PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) conducted Covid-19 Swab Test for free for 30,000 participants throughout Indonesia under BNI Berbagi Swab Test Program.

After being successfully held in Jakarta on 20-21 May 2020, in Padang on 2 June 2020, and at the Secretariat of Sriwijaya University - Palembang on 7 June 2020, it is now the turn of Palembang people to get free Swab Test from BNI at Jakabaring Stadium, Sunday-Monday (7-8 June 2020). On this occasion BNI collaborated with the network of Bunda Hospital Jakarta, JSK Group, and Bhayangkara Hospital Palembang to provide 2,000 free swab tests.

Attending the occasion was the Deputy Governor of South Sumatra, Mawardi Yahya, the LO BPNB Countermeasures for Covid-19, Antoni Simamora, the Head of South Sumatra Provincial Health Service, Lesty Nurainy, the Head of Bhayangkara Hospital, Wahono Edhi Prastowo, and the Head of BNI Palembang Region, Dodi Widjajanto.

This step is part of the program to create SOEs that are free from Corona Virus, #CovidsafeBUMN and is part of BNI Program that provides 30,000 Free Swab Tests for people throughout Indonesia.

Dodi Widjajanto said, "This is our step to help accelerate the detection of patients exposed to Covid-19 virus in South Sumatra. With the network support of Bunda Hospital Jakarta and Bhayangkara Hospital Palembang, we provide free swab test assistance to the public, BNI customers, medical personnel and police officers in Palembang City and surrounding areas."

"This is the second day of the free swab test series conducted over 2 days. Through this examination, the accurate data will be obtained so as to speed up the handling of Covid-19 cases, especially for medical personnel who are at the forefront," continued Dodi.

Separately the CEO of JSK Group, Dennis Jang Sang Kyu, added "To ensure safe and accurate testing facilities for the masses, we took the initiative to bring in testing equipment from Korea, namely PCR Swab Kit, Pressurized Medical Tent, Testing Chamber which allows a safe Covid19 test for both medical personnel and patients which is carried out on an ongoing basis. We are happy to be able to work together for this noble cause with BNI and Bunda (Hospital) and there is a sense of joy experienced by us together with officers in the field in delivering this program to many cities.

The Business and Marketing Director of Bunda Group, Yusrahma Nurina also said that Bunda Hospital Group Jakarta and Diagnos Laboratory under the auspices of Bundamedik Healthcare System (BMHS) has conducted RT-PCR examinations since the beginning of the pandemic in accordance with the recommendations of the Indonesian Ministry of Health as a network of private laboratories for COVID 19. With the infrastructure, laboratory technology and professional staff, Bunda Hospital Group is able to do more than 500 tests a day.

The free swab implementation was accompanied by Epidemiological monitoring and case follow-up in collaboration with Bhayangkara Hospital Palembang and the results were reported to the Health Office of Palembang City. This is a very important part in increasing the speed of handling Corona positive cases.

“With this experience, BNI has partnered with BMHS and Bunda Hospital network to distribute swab sampling in several regions in Indonesia, which is expected to speed up the distribution chain breakdown and also accelerate productivity recovery or towards new normal," he concluded.

During this pandemic, BNI provided CSR assistance in the form of 950 Hazmat suits PPE, 100 Full-set PPE and 5,000 Masks distributed to referral hospitals and medical personnel in South Sumatra Region. We also provide assistance in the form of groceries packages for all levels of society in need with a total of 2,421 groceries packages distributed to people directly affected by Covid-19 Virus pandemic, underprivileged residents, orphans, foundations and orphanages in the work area of BNI Palembang Region.

In this activity the public interest was enthusiastic about taking the free swab test. The Covid-19 health protocol was implemented in this activity. Starting from arrival stage of the participants, temperature checking and hand washing, initial registration, queues that applied physical distancing, the locations that were always sprayed with disinfectant, up to other implementation until completion. In addition, the medical officer serving the Swab Test also uses Full PPE. 


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