BNI Manages Salary Distribution Services for Pelindo Terminal Petikemas Employees

BNI Manages Salary Distribution Services for Pelindo Terminal Petikemas Employees

Surabaya, 2 August 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI (stock code: BBNI) continues to expand cooperation between business institutions to improve the performance of fundraising and lending in this year's economic recovery period.

This time BNI establishes a synergy with PT Pelindo Terminal Petikemas in terms of providing payroll services for Pelindo III employees.

The synergy of BNI and Pelindo Container Terminal was marked by the signing of a Cooperation Agreement by BNI Service and Network Director, Ronny Venir, and Pelindo Container Terminal Human Resources Director, Edi Priyanto at BNI Regional Office 06, Tuesday (02/08/2022).

In the collaboration with Pelindo Terminal Petikemas, BNI offers a complete package in the form of payroll, flexi loans without collateral, home ownership loans to credit cards. BNI also provides an attractive program that is profitable and fast for Pelindo Terminal Petikemas employees.

Ronny Venir said that this collaboration is expected to increase the broader business relationship between BNI and Pelindo Terminal Petikemas, including managing Pelindo Terminal Petikemas funds and providing consumer credit facilities for the Company's employees.

“We have various solutions and facilities for consumer products. We hope that all the banking services we provide can help all Pelindo Terminal Petikemas employees to Go Productive. Moreover, Pelindo has the same spirit as BNI through Xpora, which is to help more local businesses to go global," he said.

BNI has 17 regional offices, 195 branches, 2,188 outlets, 16,384 ATMs and is supported by 161,074 BNI Agen46 spread throughout Indonesia. The company also has BNI Mobile Banking as a super app that is able to answer all transaction needs to digital financing applications for customers.

For customers who are looking for housing, BNI also has BNI DigiGriya, a platform that helps customers find the best property information from selected developers who collaborate with BNI digitally along with BNI Griya KPR program.

"We also have a Loyalty Payroll luckydraw program which is a prize draw for Pelindo Terminal Petikemas employees who take advantage of the payroll facility to BNI," he said.

Edi also appreciated BNI for always trying to provide higher added value in each of its banking solutions. He believes this collaboration will be an opportunity for employees to increase their productivity in the midst of an increasing port service business.

"Pelindo's position as a company is not only the government's extension to smooth logistics. However, we are also proactive in paying attention to HR by helping to facilitate them with banking products such as savings and appropriate financing to answer their various needs," said Edi.


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