Well-established Youth and Prosperous Old Age, Through Pension Funds!!

Well-established Youth and Prosperous Old Age, Through Pension Funds!!

Jakarta, 19 April 2021 -- The Covid-19 pandemic has a major psychological impact on the younger generation, especially millennials. One that is significant is the awareness of the importance of investing. Through the pandemic, the millennial generation has learned the importance of investing in difficult times, especially how to deal with uncertainties in the future. One of the investments can be started, through pension fund investment. 

As a financial institution that excels in service and performance, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) offers Defined Contribution Pension Plan of Financial Institution Pension Funds (DPLK) BNI with the product named BNI Simponi. Currently DPLK BNI is the market leader in the DPLK industry with Managed Funds as of 31 December 2020 of amounting to Rp 22.26 trillion or a market share of 20.66% of the 24 DPLK organizers (source: PDPLK data). 

BNI’s Treasury dan International Director, Henry Panjaitan said, “With BNI Simponi, millennials can deposit funds as they like. If have more money, just deposit. If not, collect it from pocket money first, it's that simple," he said. “ The key to successful investing is momentum. The earlier you join BNI Simponi, the smaller the fees, the bigger the funds will be collected. This is because BNI Simponi's yield is more optimal than other products," he explained 

BNI Simponi Suitable for Millennials

Why is BNI Simponi very good for millennials? Besides being safe, millennials can choose a normal retirement age of at least 40 years old. This means that if millennials need additional venture capital funds in the future, BNI Simponi is the solution. As the funds can be disbursed at the normal retirement age, which is 40 years old or at an accelerated retirement age, which is 10 years earlier than normal retirement. Therefore, millennials can take advantage of these funds at a very productive time for business or continue investing in the future to be happy in old age.

Agreeing with this, BNI’s Senior Pension Program Specialist, Alif Pasaleori explained, millennials who now have a productive age or 20-30 years have to prepare a pension fund. "There is no need to be large, the important thing is that if we know that the contribution will be smaller than we think, the pension will be at the age of 40 years, the contribution will definitely be large," he said.

The Right Time to Invest in Pension Fund

BNI’a Senior Pension Program Specialist, Dian Dinarwati said, there are 4 things that need to be considered when preparing pension fund investment. First, the momentum of time. The longer the installment preparation period, the smaller the nomin.

Second, the nominal contribution, which relates to the determination of the target and the need for funds prepared for retirement. "The main key of this fee is discipline because it will change into a mindset. When it becomes a mindset, it will not be used first but used to cover long-term needs, placed in the pension fund investment post," she continued.

Third, how to manage the pension fund. "In this case I say that DLPK BNI has been established since 1994, which means that it has been operating for more than 25 years in the DPLK industry. We also have experience in managing participant funds in DPLK BNI customers," she explained.

Fourth, pension fund investment is not solely targeted at obtaining high returns. Because if this is done, when pursuing high returns, what happens is to have a high risk. To find out how much your pension fund needs, you can check it out at, there is a simulation menu that can be used by the community.

Package As Needed

BNI Simponi prepares investment packages according to your needs, which consists of 7 investment package options, including sharia investment package.

First, Simponi Likuid investment package, which is 100% Time Deposit and/or Money Market with a yield of 6.51% last ye.

Second, Simponi Likuid Plus investment package, which is 75% Time Deposit and/or Money Market, with 25% Bonds. The yield was 7.03% last year.

Third, Simponi Likuid Syariah investment package, 50% Time Deposit and/or Money Market, with 50% Bonds. The yield was 7.18% last year. 

Then fourth, Simponi Moderat investment package, 50% Time Deposit and/or Money Market, with 50% Bonds. The yield was 7.54% last year.

Fifth, Simponi Berimbang investment package, 50% Time Deposit and/or Money Market, with 50% Mutual Funds. The yield was -1.52% last year. 

Sixth, for Simponi Berimbang Syariah investment package, 50% Time Deposit and/or Money Market and/or Sharia Bonds with 50% Sharia Mutual Funds. The yield was 3.55% last year. Seventh, for the Progressive Simponi investment package, 50% bonds with 50% more mutual funds. The yield was 2.55% last year.

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